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The METS Navigator (metsnav) is a Java web application for displaying paged documents based on a METS file.

Metsnav is hosted at Sourceforge, but the public front-end is more useful for typical users.

Attached to this Wiki page are screenshots (1)(2)(3)(4) of the METS Navigator interface.

Basic installation of MetsNavigator

  1. Make sure an application server (Tomcat) is installed and running properly.
  2. Shutdown your application server, too keep it from prematurely trying to unpack MetsNavigator.
  3. Download the MetsNavigator package, and place the web-archive file metsnav.war in the application server webapps directory.
  4. Start up the servlet container, and browse to the default collection packaged with MetsNavigator: http://yourserver:port/metsnav/default/
    Accessing this URL will cause the application server to unpack the web archive file, creating an metsnav sub-directory below the server's webapps directory.
  5. You can delete the metsnav.war file from the server's webapps directory now.

Installation of a new collection to MetsNavigator

After installing the MetsNavigator, you can add your own collections:

  1. Create a configuration file for you collection, based on /WEB-INF/metsnav/conf/default.xml. The filename should be [collection-name].xml.
  2. Copy your configuration file to the /WEB-INF/metsnav/conf directory.
  3. Copy your Mets documents to the directory specified in the configuration file.
  4. Restart the metsnav application from the Tomcat Manager, or restart the Tomcat server.
  5. Visit your collection at http://yourserver:port/metsnav/\[collection-name\]/
  6. If this page is successfully loaded, there will be a list of Mets documents on the left part of the web page, and a welcome message in the middle-right part of the page.

Creating METS files for use with MetsNavigator

  • USE tags in METS file elements must match names in metsnav config
  • USE tags must all be the same within a given fileGrp
  • USE tags don't have to be in the fileGrp element, but it doesn't hurt, either
  • GROUPID tags must be present in all file elements, to link corresponding files across groups

For more details, see the MetsNavigator documentation (not publicly available yet).

Instructions for using MetsNavigator with Fedora

Open questions

  1. How do we prevent people from hand-coding URLs that render objects in the wrong context? How important is this, and is it worth the effort?
  2. Can/should we move the page-rendering information (config file, layout, and tiles) into Fedora? This would make things more centrally managed, and we would be able to recover old versions of a rendered item. For now, we will just store the rendering info on the local filesystem as with other metsnav projects.
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