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Each object in the repository must contain:




auto-generated (and not considered to be persistent in our use cases)


The individual who last modified the object.

ingest time


access policy

when not considered to be open access, the object must have  a POLICY datastream that is a reference to an XACML policy stored elsewhere in the repository

technical metadata

only what is convienient to collect or generate automatically

This information should not be mingled with descriptive metadata. The fields that have a space in FOXML can stay there. Other fields will need a place in administrative metadata.

Minimum standards for metadata records

  • Each metadata record in an object must validate against a published standard such as an XML schema or DTD. Note that the standard may be published by the group that created the record.
  • Whenever possible, disseminations in commonly-used metadata standards should be available. If more than one standard applies (e.g., MODS and DC), multiple standards may be disseminated.
  • For rapidly changing or ill-fitting standards, disseminations from more stable authoritative metadata should be preferred.
  • When metadata to be stored goes beyond the capabilities of standard metadata formats, a supplemental format may be developed. This format may either be a superset of a standard format (the new format is the authoritative version) or may contain only the information that does not fit into the standard format (the combination of the two formats is the authoritative version).  When possible, chose an authoritative metadata format that easily and accurately meets all the needs of the collection.
  • Relationships between metadata records must be expressed with persistent identifiers. These will typically be PURLs, but items outside the IU digital library system may be referenced with some other identifier scheme.
  • When standards allow, there should be an included link to the default (in-context) view of the object (this is a PURL without a format specifier).
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