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This content model is stable.

content model object in fedora: cmodel:paged

Paged documents require a hierarchical content model, with Fedora objects at the collection level, the item level, and the page level. We do not want to lump all of the pages into the item level (as in a "compound content model"), because it would be difficult to manage the large number of datastreams (this wouldn't be much better than our current implementation of using file naming to organize the pages). Rather, we are developing an "atomistic content model", in which there is an object to represent the document as a whole, and an object to represent each individual scanned piece (page) of the document.

Paged documents may contain textual information, in addition to page images. If text is present, the main "paged document" object will also follow the text content model.

Paged document object




Default disseminator

Metadata disseminator

Page object



Default disseminator

Metadata disseminator

Image disseminator

Master file disseminator

Disseminator for basic features of paged documents (bdef:iudlPagedImage)

This disseminator can be used for the item-level object, or for a page that has multiple sub-pages or closeups.

getNumChildren - returns the number of pages this item has
getChildren - returns a list of the child objects (pages)

Any page object with an image component will subscribe to the Image disseminator, which will be used to deliver the basic views of the page.





  • When binding the disseminator to a paged document object, only one binding is required: NULLBIND. This may be bound to any XML datastream, but preferably will be bound to the default DC datastream.
  • This disseminator does not necessarily return the pages in sorted order. Applications that need the pages in order can perform the sort in XSL.

Disseminator for printable paged documents (bdef:iudlPrintable)

getPrintableVersion - returns a printable version of this document, usually a PDF

Sample metadata

Sample metadata files for a sheet music item and a single page of sheet music.

Datastreams and disseminators for paged documents

DC - The Dublin Core record, needed for Fedora's internal use. We will only store the bare minimum Fedora needs in this field, to avoid redundancy with METADATA.
METADATA - The metadata, wrapped in METS. Exact format will depend on the collection (see Fedora Metadata Storage Philosophy).
RELS-EXT - Each page object will have fedora:isPartOf and
ENC_TEXT - The text of this paged document, encoded in a standard encoding such as TEI (content type should be XML)
PURL_REDIRECT - A redirect datastream that points to the PURL of the object.













Open questions

  1. The issue of a folio vs. a page is important for manuscript projects. The Jane Johnson collection includes "cards", which are functionally similar to folios. Should the repository include direct support for folios, or is this best done at the application/collection level?
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