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A series of cron jobs are running daily at midnight to update the websites of XTF collections such as IUBOT, BFC, and findingaids, An email will be sent to corresponding person for the result of each cron job with successful or fail, in case that it is failed for any reason. Here is a procedure of how to re-index the collection:

  1. Login into maple, then switch user to "etext" with the command "sudo su etext"
  2. Go to /opt/etext/common/scr, then run perl CONFIG_FILENAME, for instance, if you want to re-index findingaids, the command will be: perl config_findingaids.xml. Although the configurations are all in the subdirectory of /scr/config, you should not specify the directory in the argument
  3. Wait for the email and check the log file periodically: /opt/etext/COLLECTION/log/autoupdate.pl_COLLECTIONNAME_date.log, for instance, the log of findingaids will be in the directory: /opt/etext/findingaids/log

To add a new person to the list of notifiers, follow this procedure:

  1. Login into maple, then go to /opt/etext/common/scr/config
  2. Edit the configuration of corresponding collection by adding the user email to either the "developer" or "other" section

You can add new roles but that will require a update on the script of auto update.

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