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Right now, we have specifications for these tools:

  1. Image Cataloging Application
  2. Validation System
  3. Preservation Policies
  4. DLSearch
  5. Interactive Delivery Tool
  6. Object Ingest Tool
  7. (Old) Ingest Tool
  8. IUCAT (Z39.50) Extraction Tool
  9. Update Tool
  10. Import Tool
  11. InHarmony Ingest Tool
  12. Mass Digitization Ingest Tool

All tools created by the IU Digital Library Program are part of the 'infrastructure' project in the DLP subversion system. You can check it out with the command

svn checkout svn+ssh:// infrastructure

Note that when you check out this project, it contains several subdirectories, each of which is set up as a separate compilable tool (with both ant and Eclipse project files).

Most work has been done on the Ingest Tool which performs bulk ingests to Fedora. We still need to detail the functional requirements of these tools based on use scenarios, user studies/observations. As a start, we are producing Use Scenarios (or use cases) for each of the tools that support our digital repository. We need input in the form of complete use scenario descriptions and corrections/additions to these scenarios based on your experiences. Visit Use Scenarios page for the existing scenarios.

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