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  • Troubleshooting the Repository
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These are the problems most likely to occur with the repository and associated tools.

Fedora is down or confused

Check how Fedora is doing by accessing objects through the Fedora native interface:
(replace "pid" with the object's actual pid, try iudl:10 for example)

Beginning with version 2.2, Fedora repository is a deployable web application. So, you can stop and start it using the Tomcat manager application.

In some cases, due to the strange way that Tomcat instances can corrupt each other, you may need to restart the "regular" Tomcat instance on thalia as well. If the Tomcat instance is having problems, login to the fedora account on thalia, and restart it:
(You might want to check if the tomcat instance has actually shut down using ps and stop it with kill -9)

If Fedora doesn't restart, look in the Fedora log files. The primary files are in /fedora/logs (specifically the server.log file), but since Fedora is based on Tomcat, there may be useful output in the Tomcat directory under /usr/local/tomcat/logs (e.g. catalina.out)

For more details, see Basic Fedora Setup and Fedora Troubleshooting.

Fedora database or resource index corrupted

This is a very rare occurrence. Fixing it takes some time (1-2 days depending on the number of objects in the repository)

Login to the fedora account on thalia, and rebuild the database:

  1. Stop the fedora web app(or the tomcat that runs the Fedora webapp if no other webapp is running)
    1. (follow menus, wait a long time)
  3. Start the fedora web app (or the tomcat)

The fedora-rebuild application drops all of the database tables Fedora uses and repopulates them with data stored as FOXML and datastreams.

"Regular" Tomcat apps down/confused

The "regular" Tomcat on thalia runs on thalia, port 8080. Its apps include:

You may be able to restart the offending app, or you may need to completely restart Tomcat.

In some cases, due to the strange way that Tomcat instances can corrupt each other, you may need to restart the Fedora instance on thalia as well. When this happens, make sure they are both completely down at the same time. Sometimes, these processes won't come down cleanly, and will need to manually be terminated (with "kill -9").

SRU search index problems

Rebuild the index. See Making a Collection Searchable.

Purl resolution problems

  1. Try executing the PURL.
  2. Check logs to see what the purlResolver did with it.
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