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This tool is being superseded by the more general Object Ingest Tool

Current status

We've been modifying the Ingest Tool and it's able to update the metadata records such as dmdSec-mods, dmdSec-dc, etc. Now, we can specify a CollectionConfiguration.xml that only include the sections that needs updating. The user interface is still the same, the Ingest servlet accepts a CollectionConfiguration and performs the modifications specified in that file. Updating other metadata structures (e.g. tech metadata), media datastreams, paged documents, disseminators, etc. needs to be implemented or tested.

Future ideas

!! This is mainly brainstorming, these are ideas to consider

In this proposed update tool, the updates to an existing objects will be performed using update packages. An update package is a collection of a configuration file (probably in XML) and a set of files. The notion of update package is purely practical, it can be a directory or a zip file that contains the components that will be updated. I think, such a notion might make building cataloger tools that work on single objects easier. Each update package will contain a configuration XML file that describes what is being updated and the new components that will replace the existing ones. The configuration file will look similar to this:

<updatePackage objectID="{purl or any other unique id}"> pid="{fedora PID if available}"/>
   <update type="METS" alter="add|remove|replace">
   <update type="image" alter="add|remove|replace">

Any application GUI built to modify existing collection objects might then create update packages for the objects it is updating. Update packages can also be aggragated for bulk updates.

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