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Valet for ETDs is an open-source, web-based, workflow management and repository ingest tool for electronic thesis and dissertations. It alllows for staged ingestion of ETDs from a web-based gui to a Fedora backed repository. It has templates for Dublin Core and ETD-MS, and can be altered to support other metadata formats.

  • Valet doesn't appear to support images or multiple metadata records per item.
  • Open Source with GPL.
  • Written for submission of electronic theses and dissertations (hence the name).
  • Documentation is minimal.
  • Claims to handle documents other than ETDs, but no indication of how to do it.
  • Very few people are using it.


  • Fedora is bundled with Valet ETD but can use a separate install of Fedora
  • Install scripts written specifically for Unix
  • Requires some binary libraries and several Perl modules installed
  • Difficult to install on Windows without a lot of tweaking
  • Requires a web server
  • Works with Fedora 2.0. A few lines of code needs to be changed to make it work with Fedora 2.1.

Usage notes

  • There are two main forms, one for submission of theses and one for review
  • Implements a simple approval workflow
  • Submissions are ingested after they are approved.
  • There are three stages of approval:
    • Metadata review
    • Files review
    • Cataloging
  • There is no delivery/view system, items cannot be viewed or modified after they are ingested.
  • Stores metadata in DC and ETD-MS formats.
  • No default support for images and other types of media.

Adding single items

  • Items are added manually using the web interface but they need to go through an approval process before they are actually stored in a fedora repository.

No bulk ingest

Installation notes from Eric Peters:


  • Created vtls/index.php to show phpinfo()
  • Requires Fedora
  • Using Fedora 2.0 (in /usr/local/fedora, port 9090)
  • Requires Tomcat
  • Using Tomcat 4.1.31 (in /opt/tomcat)
  • Requires Java
  • Using Java 1.5.0_05 (in /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_05)
  • Altered /opt/tomcat/bin/ to set JAVA_HOME by default




  • Not installed, PURL wins.


  • Requires Jhove
  • Using Jhove 1.0
  • jars in /opt/tomcat/shared/lib
  • conf in /opt/tomcat/webapps/jhove_xhtml/WEB-INF
  • Code Tweaks:
  • Altered web.xml to reflect local configuration options


  • Installed at /opt/tomcat/webapps/srw.war
  • Example:*%22
  • Code Tweaks:
  • Altered srw.config to reflect local configuration options
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