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XML is a format for storing data. It's popular with us geeky-type people.

Processsing XML in Java

See the Java page!

Exporting from Excel to XML

Option 1: Export directly to XML

Great tutorial

The basic steps are (mostly controlled via Excel's Data/XML menu):

  1. Create an "XML Map" by loading either a schema or a sample file with the format you want.
  2. Drag elements from the XML Map to columns of Excel. This will turn each column into a "List". Note that if elements are listed in the schema or example file as only occurring once, they must only have one value. In practice, you usually have several "non-repeating" elements as children of a repeating element. In this case, each list must be the same length, so every copy of the repeating element has values for all of its child elements. (If this sounds confusing, just make sure your schema is simple, and all the columns/lists are the same length.)
  3. Export to XML.
  4. Check whether the character encoding is correct. If not, you may need to use Option 2.

Option 2: Use Oxygen to convert

  1. Save the Excel file as comma-delimited.
  2. Import the comma-delimited file into Oxygen. During the import process, you can choose the encoding of the source file as well as the names for elements that are generated from the fields.
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