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OJS 3 is pre-loaded with 17 default editorial roles that journal managers can manage and assign certain permissions and tasks. Journal managers can enable whether the listed role can participate in the submission, review, copyediting, or production phases, and can change these permissions for each role, using the check boxes to the left of the role's listed name. To edit roles, Journal Managers can go to the "Users & Roles" menu, and click "Roles".

From this page, journal managers can view the permissions assigned to each of the default roles. Notice the permission levels for the first four default roles. Roles with the "Journal Manager" permission level have access to the "Users & Roles" menu and can edit any role or user assignment under these tabs. If a user with the "Journal Manager" permission level wants to remove the "Production" stage assignment from the "Section editor" role, she can do that by unchecking the box under the "Production" column for the "Section editor" role.

Roles with the "Section Editor" permission level do not have access to the "Users & Roles" menu. 

Open roles tab, showing permissions levels and roles check boxes.

If a user is assigned a role with a "Journal Manager" permission level, she will be able to view every menu option except "Administration".

Journal manager menu options.

If a user is assigned a role with a "Section Editor" permission level, she will only be able to view the "Submissions" menu option.

Section editor menu options.

Stage assignments and other edits can also be made by clicking on the blue arrow directly to the left of the role name. This will open up a small drop down menu, allowing the user to edit role information or remove the role entirely. 

Section editor role highlighted, showing edit and remove options.

Clicking "Edit" opens a window with additional options. Permission levels, however, cannot be changed for existing roles, even by the administration team. The only time permission levels can be selected is when a journal manager selects the "Create New Role" option. 

 "Role Options":

  • Check the "Show role title in contributor list" to show anyone with this role in the contributor list (e.g., the author list).
  • Check "Allow users self-registration" to allow users to self-register in this role. Authors and Reviewers are good candidates for self-registration. You would definitely NOT want to allow users to self-register as Journal Managers or Editors.
  • The third option is useful for guest editors or possibly section editors, depending upon your preferred workflow and authority chain.
  • Finally, the last option will give this role the ability to edit publication metadata (such as title, abstract, authors, etc.) This can be particularly useful for editors involved in prepping for publication.

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