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  • Embedding Avalon video in OJS
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To embed video from Avalon (or any other streaming source that can embed video into HTML), do the following steps:

  1. Create a 'dummy' html page. This page will contain nothing except the most basic HTML frame, and the iframe embed code from Avalon or other video source. (NOTE: All the <html>, <body> etc. tags will make it a valid HTML file, but aren't necessary. You can simply type the embed code into a blank text file and it will work.
  2. In OJS, upload the HTML page you created as the article.
  3. Once the article is approved and assigned to an issue, the video should embed inside the framing OJS page just fine.
  4. The link for viewing the video inside OJS will say "HTML", which is misleading. To fix this, as the journal editor go into the galley edit pages, and change the 'label' field. I just changed it to 'view video'.

That's it! You can see a testing sample here:

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