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  • IUSW Policy on Materials Removal
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The rightsholder should understands that items deposited into IUScholarWorks Repository will not be removed, unless under extreme legal situations.

Rightsholders need to be absolutely certain that they want their materials openly and permanently available to the world wide public.

Repositories are trusted sources of archived materials and once items are placed in a repository such as IUScholarWorks, the item contained therein has been widely exposed on the Internet and people and search engines/machines expect that information to stay where it was placed. This is facilitated by the fact that all items in the repository receive a permanent URL that will not be altered even if the technology housing the item is. As such, our policy is to not withdraw items unless under extreme circumstances because the nature of repositories are to keep materials permanently.

If newer/updated versions of materials are placed into IUScholarWorks, the records of the old version can be updated to point to the new version and vice versa if this would facilitate users’ understanding of the version trail.

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