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If you need to make submissions as an editor rather than as an author, and don't want to go through the entire submission process for an article that has already been reviewed and is ready for publication, you can use the QuickSubmit plugin to immediately push a new article to production- or even publish it directly. Here is a step by step guide on how to use this helpful tool.

1. Creating an Issue for QuickSubmit publications

If you want to submit an article directly into publication, be sure to Create an Issue for your article. This issue will remain in your Future Issues page until you decide to publish all of your articles in that issue.

2. Finding the QuickSubmit Plugin

The QuickSubmit Plugin is located on the Tools tab of the OJS sidebar and can be viewed by selecting the "Import/Export" page.

The "Import/Export" page lists several plugins enabled across all journals. You are looking for the QuickSubmit Plugin, which is currently the last plugin listed. It is described as the "One-step submission plugin".

3. The QuickSubmit Form and Metadata

Once "QuickSubmit Plugin" is selected, you will immediately be directed to the one-step submission page. Begin by entering the article's basic metadata. You will be required to assign this submission a section, title, and an abstract.

This next section requires slightly more complex metadata, but only providing at least one author in the "List of Contributors" is required. These metadata specifications can not be altered, and if you wish to add metadata not listed here, you can do so once the article is published and you have access to the article's newly created Submission Dashboard.

You can add an author as well as their contact information by selecting the "Add Contributor" button in the top left corner of the "List of Contributors" box. 

Your final step before publishing will involve uploading the final version of the article in the "Galleys" box. Select the "Add galley" button in the top left corner of the "Galleys" box, specify the type of document you are submitting (PDF, XML, etc.), and then upload your file. 

4. Publishing a QuickSubmit Article

In order to move an article directly to publication, you will need to select "Published" from the final two options. This will allow you to schedule your article for publication in an issue. This issue can be  not yet published (listed under "Future Issues") or already in publication (listed under "Back Issues"). Be sure to select the correct Volume, Number, or Title for your issue at this stage. 

After saving your work and officially submitting (and optionally publishing) the article, you can return to the plugin in order to keep submitting articles directly. You also have the option to go to the article's newly created Submission Dashboard, which will include all of the metadata you just entered and be in the Production phase. If you wish to alter any of the article's information or schedule it for publication in a different issues, you can co so from this dashboard.

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