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  1. Setup
  2. Reviewer Guidance
  3. Review Forms

In the "Review" tab on the "Workflow Settings" page, you can establish review guidelines for the reviewers of your journal.

1. Setup

The first box on the page asks you to establish default review settings for the reviewers of your journal. You have to select if your review mode will be double-blind, blind, or open

Screenshot of review setup box

Screenshot of deadlines boxes

2. Reviewer Guidance

Under "Review Guidelines", you will set the general guidelines for review that your reviewers will see during the review process. 

During your completion of the New Journal Toolkit, you were asked to complete a Conflict of Interest Policy. Submit that in its entirety in this text box to ensure reviewers understand the methodology to avoid potentially unethical reviewing behavior. Below the "Competing Interests" box is a quick option to enable whether or not all peer review sessions should include a request for a competing interests statement from the reviewer. 

3. Review Forms

The "Review Forms" box lists your currently available review forms. Review forms serve as templates that will guide your reviewers through a structured and specific review process potentially unique to your journal and the reviewer's section or article. There are no default review forms, so if you wish to make your review process consistent, go ahead and create a new review form. 

Creating a new review form takes multiple steps within the "Review Forms" box. After selecting "Create Review Form" in the top right corner of the box, you will be met with a simple pop-up window asking for the new form's title and description/instructions. For now you will only be asked to supply a title for your form as well as descriptions and instructions for your reviewers. You will be able to reorganize these instructions into a form in the next step of the process, so save this window and return to the "Review Forms" box on the main page.

You should now see your recently created form listed in the "Review Forms" box. By selecting the blue arrow to the right of the form's title, you will get a dropdown menu with the option to copy, preview, delete, and most importantly, edit your new review form. Select the "Edit" option in order to complete your review form. 

The window that pops up will resemble the window that appeared when you created the form, however there are now two more tabs at the top, "Form Items" and "Preview Form". Select "Form Items".

Here you will see a list of available "Items" in this form. These items will appear below the description and instructions, and can be used to ensure that the reviewers have properly read, understood, or completed certain tasks. Most items should be phrased as a question that reviewers can respond to, allowing you to get a sense of how well the reviewer followed the form's instructions as well as compiling the options and notes of the reviewer on the submission being reviewed. Select "Create New Item" in the right corner of the "Form Items" box to view your options and create a more instructional review form.

The "Create New Item" window that pops up will immediately ask for the content or question of your item. 

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