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  1. Reviewer Dashboard#Request Tab
  2. Reviewer Dashboard#Guidelines Tab
  3. Download and Review Tab
  4. Reviewer Dashboard#Completion Tab

While editors can view and access every option in the submission dashboard, reviewers will only see information about due dates, review schedules, and the submission they have been assigned. In double-blind peer review, a reviewer will not be given access to author information or any information beyond the review stage. Those aspects of the review process are managed by editors.

After receiving the notification email, the reviewer can login to start the review process. In the "My Queue" tab, the reviewer will see that an article is waiting for a response. Clicking anywhere on the article will open the review workflow.

My Queue tab with an article waiting for a response.

1. Request Tab 

From the "Request" tab, the reviewer can view the submission details, the submission files (including the article text and any rubrics provided by the editor), the due dates, and the review schedule. After reviewing this information, the reviewer can click "Accept Review" and continue to the "Guidelines" tab. 

Open request tab.

2. Guidelines Tab

If the publisher has not set any reviewer guidelines, the reviewer can continue to the "Download & Review" step.

Open guidelines tab.

3. Download & Review Tab

In the "Download & Review" tab, the reviewer can download review files and enter their review of the submission.  If a review form is required, it will begin after the "Review Files" box. The reviewer has the option to submit feedback to the editor and author jointly or to submit feedback to the editor alone.

Download and review tab.

The "Download & Review" tab is also where the reviewer can upload marked up documents and other review files for the editor and author to consult, add discussion topics, and select a recommendation.

Options for review files, review discussions, and recommendations on download and review tab.

After selecting a recommendation, the reviewer can submit their review.

Recommendation menu and submit review button.

4. Completion Tab

After submitting their review, the reviewer will be taken to the "Completion" tab. From this tab, the reviewer can communicate with the editor by clicking "Add discussion".

Completion tab.

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