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Incremental publication vs. articles in press:

There are several benefits to publishing on a rolling basis: a shorter publication timeline for authors, a focus on individual articles over issues, and potential for more advanced metrics. Despite the incredible amount of support Open Journals Systems 3 provides digital publishing here at IU, there is currently no formal support for this publication model. As both the Public Knowledge Project and other open source software innovators continue to respond to the needs of their journals, we can provide a temporary solution that will allow for rolling publications with the system in place.

For DOIs: If you mint DOIs for your OJS articles, note that changing which issue an article is published in will alter its URL. CONTACT US at, and we will ensure your DOi resolves correctly

If you are interested in publishing your articles on a rolling basis rather than in traditional issues, here is the best guide to working within the current specifications of OJS 3.

  • In the editorial workflow, before receiving any submissions, you can Create an Issue that will serve as the single storage place for all of your rolling publications. You can publish this issue immediately, even if it does not yet have content- you will be adding content as you go. It is suggested that you give this issue a title that does not include a date, such as “Rolling Publications Issue”, or something generic such as “Articles”.  You can include the identification number of the issue in order to prepare for eventual re-publication if desired, but be sure to disable the public view. 

  • For each submission, once you are finished with the Production phase of the editorial workflow, you can Schedule for Publication. When you schedule for publication, there is an option to publish in Back Issues. You should see the issue you created for rolling publications listed here. Select the designated back issue issue and the article will immediately be published as part of the issue. Since the issue is already published, the only way to notify your users of the publication is to manually send out a notification email.

  • If you want to publish a selection of your rolling publications in a single issue, simply adjust the "Date Published" of your finalized rolling publications issue. You can now move around the article, adjust metadata, and rename your issue without needing to republish. Repeat this process by starting a new rolling publications issue. 

The "Date Published" portion of the issue's metadata will be applied to every article within the issue, regardless of when the article was added to this issue. Here is how to change a publication date for articles:

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