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  1. Submission Metadata
  2. Submission Guidelines#Components
  3. Submission Preparation Checklist
  4. Author Guidelines

The "Submissions" tab under "Workflow Settings" allows you to edit the "Submissions" page of your journal website, as well as establish submission and author guidelines. It does NOT include information on how to submit articles to the journal- check the Submission Process page for that information.

1. Submission Metadata

This section details the metadata you will require a submitting author to provide with their manuscripts. You will enable whether or not this metadata is read by the system by selecting "Enable X metadata". Once you enable a metadata field, you will be able to chose whether or not it will be required for authors to submit this metadata along with their manuscript. Currently, we require the Keyword(s) and References sections to be enabled. You are welcome to enable any of the other fields you see here. Is you wish to include metadata not listed in this box, or have general questions about metadata for submissions, contact the Open Access Publishing Manager

2. Components

When an author makes a submission, they can upload multiple files. Each of these files is considered a Component of the submission. Here, you can manage and create components that will make submission more structured for your authors.

The "Article Components" lists your current components visible to submitting authors.

The only box available on this page, "Article Components", lists your current components visible to submitting authors. The default settings include two components, "Article Text" and "Other". If you ever wish to restore your components to these two components, simply select "Restore defaults" in the upper right corner of the box. You can edit or delete components by selecting the small arrow to the right of the component's name. The option to submit components will appear to the author in the same list you have in this box; to reorder, select "Order" in the upper right corner of the box and drag components into the desired positions. 

If you want to  further structure your submission process, select "Add Component". After selecting "Add Component" from the upper right corner of the "Article Components" box, you will be required to enter a name for your new component. Common components include images, multimedia, or transcripts- any consistent portion of your journal's articles that you do not want included in the Article Text. You can further specify your component under "Options", allowing the files to be sorted by chapter, or marking files as either dependent or supplementary. You will categorize the component type as a Document, Artwork, or Supplementary Content. You can can also add a key, an optional short symbolic identifier.

3. Submission Preparation Checklist

The Submission Preparation Checklist will appear on your "Submissions" page, and should be a useful and concise guide for authors hoping to submit to your journal. Add items that will be relevant to your journal. To add an item, select "Add Item" from the far right corner of the box. Be sure to reorder your checklist by utilizing the "Order" button. This button will allow you to place the items in the sequence you wish them to appear. 

Screenshot of the submission preparation checklist

4. Author Guidelines

Here you should list any and all limitations and instructions for authors interested in submitting their work. This can include recommended bibliographic/citation formats, layout restrictions, acceptable formats for submission (such as Word, PDF, etc.), and any other information that will be essential to your authors during submission process. You can also include any copyright information. 

Screenshot of the author guidelines

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