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Who can edit metadata after an item has been submitted?

Once an item has been submitted, the following e-persons can edit the metadata for that item:

  1. The submitter
  2. A DSpace administrator
  3. The collection administrator

This has been verified at the pre-soft launch testing site. Being a collection administrator potentially just boils down to a couple of special permission assignments, so if we need even finer control, we might be able to grant that kind of permission to an e-person without making them a collection administrator.

It appears that belonging to one of the workflow steps for editing metadata does NOT give that e-person the right to edit it after submission.

Does the collection administrator functionality work in latest release? What does it allow the delegated administrator to do?

Yes, the collection administration features seem to work in 1.3.2. How many things an administrator can do may still not meet our original expectations, but the following things seem to work:

  1. Edit the collection narrative fields (descriptions, introductions, etc.) and change the logo
  2. Edit the collection submission template to set metadata defaults
  3. Map items in from another collection
  4. Edit item metadata from other submitters
  5. Maintain the list of submitters for the collection
Will Researcher Pages be indexed by search engines? (can they be discovered via Google, for example)

Yes, we will do whatever needs to be done to make the Researcher Pages visible to external search engines. The indexing agents do not always successfully make their way through every browse page in a dynamically generated site, so after monitoring the results for a period of time, we may find it necessary to create an index page that lists the URLs of all researchers.

Does DSpace support PDFPlus? Will PDFPlus 'metadata' be accessible via DSpace searching?

NOTE: See AnthroSource for examples of PDFPlus documents.

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