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Depending on security settings, attempting to view an item in Media Collections Online may result in the following message, or the player not showing up entirely:

This indicates that Flash Player is not currently enabled in your browser for this site. To enable Flash, select the "Secure" button in the Chrome address bar:


In the drop-down menu, navigate to "Flash" and set the list option to "Always allow on this site," as in the following image:


Once the page is reloaded, Flash will be enabled and the media player should appear.

Using an Incognito Window

If you receive the same error message while using an Incognito window, following the above steps will not fix the issue. Instead, copy and paste the following URL into your address bar:


On the resultant page, select the drop-down menu under "Prefer HTML over Flash" and set the option to "Disabled," as in the following example:

WARNING: After selecting this option, Chrome, including all open tabs, will need to reload. Save any open work in your browser before proceeding.

After your browser reloads, Flash will be enabled and any recordings should play without any issues, even within an Incognito window.

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