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Depending on security settings, attempting to view an item in Media Collections Online may result in the following message, or the player not showing up entirely:

This indicates that Flash Player is not currently enabled in your browser for this site. To enable Flash, select the "Secure" button in the Chrome address bar:

In the following drop-down menu, select "Site Settings," which will open in a new tab:

Navigate to the drop-down menu for Flash, and select "Allow."

Return to Media Collections Online and refresh the page; Flash should be enabled and the media player should appear. However, there are cases when Flash may still be blocked, and may need to be manually enabled on the page. Depending on your version of Chrome, you may need to take one of the following additonal actions:

    A. On the right side of the address bar, select the Flash icon and choose "Run all plugins this time." Doing so should cause the video to load.

    B. Open the "Secure" menu once more, navigate to the drop-down menu for Flash, and select "Always allow on this site." Reloading the page should cause the video to load.

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