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In addition to streaming access via the MDPI Content instance of Avalon (, the master files for media digitized through MDPI are uploaded to IU's Scholarly Data Archive. The MDPI Master Access tool allows you to retrieve and download these masters from the SDA by way of an easy to use web interface.

Master Access Tool URL

Once the page appears, it may take another moment for all of the page's content to show up. If nothing appears after a moment, refreshing the page in your browser should reload the page successfully.

Requesting a Master File

To request a file, click the large pink circle on the upper right-hand side of the page:

This will open the following dialog box:

Items are searched by their MDPI barcode. You can find this value in the item's record page in the MDPI Internal Content Access site, where the barcode will be embedded in the name of the files for the media item. This is on a per-file basis, so if a media item has multiple files (like an LP with two sides, digitized into two separate audio files),  you will need to search each file individually by barcode. The section highlighted below is an example of an MDPI barcode:

Copying the barcode from an item page has now been made more convenient than the method above. Click the View Fedora Objects button on the right side of the page and the barcode will be among the information that is displayed.

Enter the MDPI barcode in the text field to the left of the magnifying glass icon, then click the icon to search. The files associated with the MDPI barcode will appear in a table:

Select the file to be downloaded, then click the check mark icon (highlighted in yellow below):

When items you've requested are retrieved and ready to be downloaded, you will receive a notification email and the Filename in your list of requested files will turn into a hyperlink for downloading.

Since these files are being retrieved from tape storage, it may take a significant amount of time before they are ready to be downloaded.

Creating An Access Link

Although the MDPI Master Access tool is only accessible for collection managers, you can create links to share with others at IU who might need access to master files but do not have collection manager status.

Select the item by clicking the box to the left of the filename:

Click the bookmark icon on the right side of the page:

You will see the following pop-up box. Click OK.

An email will be sent to you with MDPI Master Access Shared Links as the Subject. It will contain a hyperlink to the file. Shared links will be valid for up to 7 days, and are only accessible within the IU network.

Deleting Files

A finite amount of space is available on the storage cache to which MDPI masters are downloaded. These master file copies, retrieved from the Scholarly Data Archive, are automatically scheduled to be deleted after 7 days. If space is an immediate concern, however, these files can be deleted manually as well (to see how much space is currently in use, click the information icon in the upper right of the page). To delete an item from the cache, select the item by clicking the box to the left of the filename. An example of a selected item is below.

Then click the trash can icon on the right side of the page:

When an item is selected and deleted, there is no warning—it is immediately deleted and will need to be requested again for access.

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