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This method of setting access is no longer needed. The "Logged-in users only" setting has been replaced with "Logged-in IU Users Only (Students, Faculty, Staff & Affiliates)", which sets IU-only access and supercedes the much more cumbersome method below.

When managing materials in Media Collections Online, you may need to restrict item access to the IU community as a whole: faculty, students and staff across campuses. This document describes how to add the proper group in the IU directory to a record's access control so that only IU faculty, students and staff may gain access.

Setting an MCO item for IU-Only Access

  1. On an item page, select the "Edit" button above the media player

  2. This will take you to the item's Access Control settings page. Under the Item access section, select Collection staff only as shown below.

    What about the "Logged in users only" option?

    Under the Item Access section, there exists an option for restricted access to "Logged in users only." In Media Collections Online, the "Logged in users only" setting refers to anyone who can log in through IU's Central Authentication Service. This includes anyone logging in with an IU Guest Account, which is freely available to acquire to any member of the public. To truly limit access to the IU community, collection managers need to restrict access to those in a group within the IU directory—"BL-LDLP-MCO-All-IU-Users," mentioned below.
  3. Add the group name BL-LDLP-MCO-All-IU-Users under the External Group text field, then select the Add button.
  4. The page will refresh, and the BL-LDLP-MCO-All-IU-Users group will appear under the External Group section.
  5. The item is now restricted to IU faculty, students and staff.

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