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FileZilla is an application for transferring files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), including SFTP (Secure FTP). These instructions will guide you through connecting to the Media Collections Online dropbox folder for your collection using FileZilla for Windows.

Dropbox Address

The location for a collection's dropbox is listed at the bottom of the Manage File(s) screen for an item (the first page that appears when creating a new item).

Here is an example:

The location, s, contains all of the information you'll need when connecting:

Connection ProtocolSFTP
Directory Corresponding to Your Collection (appears after the colon)/srv/avalon/dropbox/MCO_Training_Collection

Connecting to the Dropbox Folder with FileZilla

  1. Open FileZilla and click the icon in the upper left of the window that looks like a cluster of computers— this will open the Site Manager dialog box.
  2. In the Site Manager, click the New Site button and give it a descriptive name such as 'MCO Dropbox'.

    Enter the following information into the fields under the General tab:
    1. Host:
    2. Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
    3. Logon Type: Normal
    4. User: your IU username
    5. Password: your IU passphrase
  3. Click the Advanced tab and enter the directory corresponding to your collection in the Default remote directory field. In this case, it will be /srv/avalon/dropbox/MCO_Training_Collection, as obtained in the Dropbox Address section of this document
  4. Click the Connect button at the bottom of the Site Manager dialog box.
  5. Click OK when you see this dialog appear:
  6. FileZilla should now successfully connect to the server! The folder in the right panel will show the server directory that you are now connected to. You can drag and drop files into this area from Windows Explorer, or drag and drop them from the Explorer pane in the left panel of the FileZilla window (which shows files on your local hard drive). Any files in this folder will appear when clicking the Open Dropbox button in MCO when creating a new item.
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