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Accessing your Variations bookmarks in Media Collections Online

The Variations Bookmarks Playlist

As part of the migration of Variations content to Media Collections Online, bookmarks in Variations have automatically been transferred. These are available in a Playlist named Variations Bookmarks:

Navigating the Variations Bookmarks Playlist and How Your Variations Bookmarks Have Been Converted

While Variations has Bookmarks, Media Collections Online has Markers. Both refer to a reference to a specific time point in a recording, but Markers are only available and visible from within Playlists in Media Collections Online. Unlike Variations, you will not see Markers when accessing the standard item page for a recording.

Each recording for which you created bookmarks in Variations will be present as an item in the Playlist. For each bookmark you created in Variations, a Marker will be present on the Playlist Item that corresponds to the recording on which you created a bookmark. 

A Quick Summary

  • Each recording that you have created bookmarks for has been added as an item in your Variations Bookmarks Playlist
  • Each Marker has an icon visible on the media player to indicate the time it refers to:
  • All of the Markers on a Playlist Item can be viewed by clicking the Markers drop-down:
    • Click the Name of the Marker to move the playhead to its Time position

      You may occasionally see a timestamp in the Name of a Marker. This is an artifact of the conversion and can be ignored; it refers to the position of the original Variations bookmark in reference to the Variations file.

  • Information on the recording is available by clicking the Source Item Details drop-down:


The images below show how a set of bookmarks in Variations look as Markers within a Variations Bookmarks Playlist in Media Collections Online.

Bookmarks in VariationsMarkers in Media Collections



Importing Variations Playlists into Media Collections Online

Much like in Variations, Playlists in Media Collections Online provide a way to combine tracks or excerpts from multiple recordings into a single list. Media Collections Online provides the ability to import a Variations playlist file in .v2p format; HTML playlists exported from Variations are not supported for import. For more information on Playlists in Variations, including how to save a Playlist as a .v2p file, please consult the Variations User Guide at

Importing a Variations Playlist (.v2p) File

  1. In Media Collections Online, click Playlist in the navigation bar at the top of the screen
  2. Click the Import Variations Playlist button
  3. Select your V2P file from the Open File dialog that appears and click the Open button
  4. The playlist file will be processed. Please be patient during this process, as it may take a moment for the import to finish, and there is no loading indicator

  5. The message Variations playlist was successfully imported will appear at the top of the page. You will automatically be taken to your newly imported playlist


Using Playlists in Media Collections Online

Creating a new Playlist

  1. Click Playlist in the navigation bar at the top of the screen
  2. Click the Create New Playlist button
  3. Enter a Name and optional Description
  4. Select Public or Private visibility
    1. Playlist visibility can be changed at any time from the Playlist's Edit page

       PublicAccessible by anyone with the Playlist URL
      PrivateAccessible only to you
  5. Click the Create button

Adding an Item to a Playlist

  1. On the item page for a recording, click the Add to Playlist icon:
  2. A form will slide out with fields for the new Playlist item:
  3. The Title field will automatically be filled in with the title of the recording and the name of the section. Additional information relating to the track information will need to be entered manually.
  4. From the Playlist drop-down menu, select the Playlist to which you would like to add the item
  5. The Start time will be the current position of the playhead, and the End time will be the end of the current track.

    In Media Collections Online, any span of time in a recording can be saved as an item in a Playlist. This behavior is unlike Variations, where only full tracks can be added. To ensure that an entire track is captured, click the track name in the Sections area underneath the media player. This will ensure that the playhead is at the beginning of the track. Otherwise, if the playhead is in the middle of the track, only a part of the track will be added to the Playlist.
  6. Enter text into the Description field (optional)
  7. Click the Add button

Sharing a Playlist

Public playlists can be viewed by anyone with the URL to the Playlist page, and there is no special URL for sharing or referencing a Playlist. The URL for the playback page will be in the format

  • Although public Playlists may be viewed by anyone, users who do not have access to a recording in a public playlist will not be able to view those specific items. Instead, they will see the text "Inaccessible Item".
  • There is no option to save Playlists to a file


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