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DLP Collections development projects that are currently active (does not include completed projects that are still maintained by the DLP. For these projects see the Archived Projects page).

See also: Archived Projects; *Projects Under Consideration*; IDAH Projects; Non-IDAH Faculty Projects

Active DLP Projects: Status Page

Project Types

& archives collections project
# library collections project
! project on hold
* faculty partnership
% libraries partnership

 Production Change Management Status

* Production Change Management

Umbrella Projects:

Digital Library Infrastructure

Project to update the IU digital library infrastructure by implementing a digital object repository and associated services.

Indiana University Finding Aids

Online, EAD-encoded finding aids collection from the Lilly, Archives, and other repositories.

eText Services

Project to build generalized service for delivery TEI encoded texts from various collections and sources.


A project to develop a digital repository for disseminating and preserving scholarly work created at Indiana University.

Liberian Collections

Consists of several projects including photograph collections managed in PhotoCat (including Tubman and Holsoe Photos), an EAD repository with many collections some of which the LCP will want to digitize over time (including the Tubman Papers), and Liberian Land Deeds.


Multi-faceted project, includes Variations2, Variations3, Variations/FRBR, Variations on Video and IU Variations Production Support.

Service Projects

Digital Collections Search

Development of a single search service to expose the extensive and diverse content managed by the DLP.

Digital Primary Sources Using Biblio *%

Still in the conceptual stages, this project is a partnership between the American Historical Association (AHA) and its flagship journal, American Historical Review (AHR), the IUB department of History and the IU Libraries to pursue grant funding to develop Digital Primary Sources (DPS), a curated collection of online primary sources of importance to history scholars.  The DPS will have a print and digital counterpart with the print version featured as a new section of the AHR in which select resources are highlighted.  The digital counterpart would be a vetted superset of the print listings.    

Exhibit Curation Services

This service is based on the work for the War of 1812 collaborative project with IUB Libraries, the DLP and the Lilly Library to build a web site from multiple sources.

Finding Aids Phase II

A project to modify the finding aid publication tool so it can support EAD file with folder-level description, but include links to the items located in those folders. Meeting Notes.

General Bibliography Tool *†

This project will create a generalized tool to create, manage and deliver bibliography or citation data.  

General Project Information

NEH funded project (January 2015 - December 2016), in partnership with WGBH/Boston, to extend the HydraDAM digital asset management system to be able to serve as a digital preservation repository for time-based media collections at a wide range of institutions using multiple storage strategies. This new system will be based on the open source Hydra repository application framework and will utilize the emerging Fedora 4.0 digital repository architecture.

METS Navigator

An open-source project to develop a tool for navigating and displaying multi-page and multi-image digital objects. Available at

NEH Video Annotation in Omeka

NEH has awarded a Digital Humanities Startup Grant to IU to create an Omeka plugin that will take the segmented and annotated video from the Annotator's Workbench and represent that information in Omeka allowing users to add segment, annotated digital video to Exhibits in the Omeka framework.


Project to integrate library systems with Sakai course management software.

Sheet Music Consortium (SMC)

The Sheet Music Consortium (SMC) is both a metadata portal for sheet music and a loose confederation of institutions that hold significant sheet music collections and share metadata about them.

Text Searching

This page is to develop a unified list of functional requirmenets for all text based projects.  The outline of this document was developed in a meeting with Stacy, Michelle, Julie and David.

Video Streaming Service %

Project to implement a production video streaming ingest and delivery service to support delivery of videos from the Wells Library Kent Cooper Room and other collections in the IUB Libraries.

Content Projects

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1812 Project

A project to digitize collections from the Lilly Library related to the War of 1812.

Archives Photo Collection

A project to provide cataloging tools for and online access to the IU Archives photographic and slide collections.

African Pamphlets Collection

Project that captures basic bibliographic metadata of an African Pamphlet Collection held by the African Studies Collection at the Wells Library under Marion Frank-Wilson's management.  

Bloomington Faculty Council

Project to create searchable, digital edition of Bloomington Faculty Council meeting minutes.

Board of Trustees

Project to create searchable, digital edition of IU Board of Trustees meeting minutes.

H.K. Banda Archive #

A project to digitize the H.K. Banda Archive in the African Studies Collection. This project was voted number 9 in the Fall 2008 project proposal process

Brevier Legislative Reports. #

Project to digitize a series of books with verbatim transcriptions of the Indiana State General Assembly from 1858 to 1887.

Chymistry of Isaac Newton *†

Project to create a scholarly digital edition of the unpublished alchemical writings of Sir Isaac Newton. Project will also include newly published scholarship and scholarly digital tools.

Cultural and Linguistic Archive of Mesoamerica (CLAMA)

To create a digital archive of video, research notes, audio interviews, photographs and other digital sources stored at physical archives in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras, and to extend the Annotator's Toolkit.

Glenn Black Lab on ICO %

The Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology has a collection of photographs materials and maps that are hosted in Image Collections Online.  

Golos Truda: Russian Periodical #

Hamilton 911 Papers #

 University Archives project to digitize approximately 23,658 pages of Lee Hamilton's personal papers from the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9/11 Commission) and his papers for the 9/11 Commission Public Discourse Project

Frank M. Hohenberger Photograph Collection

Lilly Library project to complete digiting the entire Hohenberger collection.

Indiana Authors

A project to digitize and encode the 3-volume reference work Indiana Authors and Their Books and approximately 150 volumes by selected authors from Indiana's Golden Age of Literature (1880-1920).

Indiana Limestone Photograph Collection

The Indiana Limestone Photograph Collection (ILPC), exemplifies the urban transformation of our nation—the photographs document in great detail the widespread use of Indiana limestone for constructing buildings throughout the United States during the late nineteenth and early- to mid-twentieth centuries. The collection consists of ~26,000 photographs and as they are digitized are being added to ICO. 

Indiana Magazine of History – OJS

In 2014, the IMH Online migrated from an XTF/METS Navigator environment to OJS.  These wiki pages contain information related to this migration and updated workflows in light of the OJS environment.

Indiana Magazine of History -- XTF *†

An LSTA project to digitize all 101 years of the Indiana Magazine of History and to make all but the most recent two years accessible on the Web free of charge. Users will be able to access page images plus searchable text.

Indiana University South Bend Image Collections Online

Image collections from IU South Bend that rely on Image Collections Online. 

Indiana University Northwest Collections Online

Image collections from IU Northwest and the Calumet Archives on Image Collections Online. 

Kinsey Institute Library/Archive Photo Collections

The Kinsey Institute holds extensive photographic collections, some of which can be made freely available online.

Latin American and Caribbean Special Collections

Collections managed by subject librarian, Luis Gonzalez, that include ephemera (posters, political buttons), limited edition works of art and books. 

League of Nations Photo Archive

Liberian Land Deeds *

Funded by the World Bank, this project will digitize the paper land deeds of Liberia. This project was voted number 7 in the Fall 2008 project proposal process.

Liberian Photo Collections

Several collections of photos in the Liberian collections.

Liberian Stamp Collection

Need description

Libraries Website Orphan Content and Collections

As part of the 2014 Libraries' web site migration to Drupal, several pages of librarian-created content, some of which reflect collections, have been orphaned until we determine the most suitable new home.  Some of these will migrate into one of our existing digital library services, others may migrate to a WordPress, Zotero, etc. solution, and others still may just be retired.  

Mathers Museum of World Cultures and ICO

The Mathers Museum of World Cultures is exploring ongoing use of Image Collections Online.  The initial documentary photography project is authored by Prof. Jason Jackson about the 798 Art Zone in Beijing.  Additional photo collections may follow.  

Meier Papers

A project to digitize the correspondence and papers of education reformer Deborah W. Meier (1931-), who is frequently credited with founding the modern small schools movement in the United States.

Molla Nǝsrǝddin *

“No Laughing Matter? The Satirical Cartoons from the Azerbaijani Periodical Molla Nǝsrǝddin, 1906-1918” is a 2016 New Frontiers-funded project to digitize, catalog and make available cartoon images from the Molla Nǝsrǝddin periodical.  The PI is Ed Lazzerini from CEUS/SRIFIAS.  DCS is providing digitization, metadata and repository services (i.e. ICO) consultation as well as guidance in using the Omeka platform for interpreted delivery of the content.  

National Folklore Archives Initiative

A union catalog database of Folklore Archives supported by American Folklore Society.

Peripheral Manuscripts: Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts in the Midwest  #

Funded by the Council of Library and Information Resources' Hidden Collections grant, Peripheral Manuscripts, partners with 22 Midwestern, non-R1 institutions, to digitize codices and fragments, largely with European origins, from 1100 to 1600 AD.  The PIs on this grant: Liz Hebbard (IU), Sarah Noonan (St.Mary's) and Michelle Dalmau (IU). 

Presidential Campaigns: A Cartoon History, 1789-1976

Ernie Pyle Collections

A project of the Lilly Library to digitize the Pyle collection of papers and photographs.


Online catalog project for the library of Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies (RIFIAS). More recently we are adding online access to a selection of content from the collection.

Russian Military Topographic Maps

CLIR Hidden Collections funded in 2017 the digitization of the remaining maps not yet digitized by in Russian Military Topographic Maps collection.  The project title for the grant is Eastern Bloc Borderlands: Digitizing Russian Military Topographic Maps of Eastern Europe, 1883-1947. The PIs are Michelle Dalmau and Theresa Quill. 

Sanborn Maps

ICO collection of the Sanborn Maps collection. 

Slocum Puzzle

Project to create a searchable database of Slocum Puzzle collection metadata and digital images.

Sound Directions

The Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music (ATM) and the Archive of World Music (AWM) at Harvard University have received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to undertake a joint technical archiving project-a collaborative research and development initiative with tangible end results-that will create best practices and test emerging standards for digital preservation of archival audio.

Starr-Gennett Recordings

Project to digitize recordings from the Starr-Gennett records archive and to provide online access to digitized content.

Tubman Photos (EAP139) *†

This is a project of the Liberian Collection, funded by the British Library's Endangered Archives Programme,  to digitize approximately 6,500 photographs of  William V. S. Tubman.  The official name of the project is "EAP139: Rescuing Liberian History--Preserving the Photographs of  William V. S. Tubman,  Liberia's Longest Serving President." 

University Faculty Council &

Veterans Book

Project to scan the IU Memorial Union's Golden Book (aka Veterans Book). One set of images will be served by an interface created by UITS, another set will be put in Mets Navigator and served through IUCat.

Victorian Women Writers Project

The Victorian Women Writers Project produces literary works by British women writers of the 19th century. The works selected include anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, and volumes of poetry and verse drama.

Virtual CD-ROM and Floppy Disk Library

A project to migrate the SUDOC Virtualization Project site, providing access to images of GPO CD-ROMs and floppy disks, to DLP servers. Lou Malcomb is the sponsor of this project. It was approved as the 2008 #6 project priority.

Whitten Artifacts Collection

Wright American Fiction

This is a collection of 19th century American fiction, as listed in Lyle Wright's bibliography American Fiction, 1851-1875.

Wylie House Museum

Built in 1835, Wylie House was the home of Indiana University's first president, Andrew Wylie, and his family. Today Wylie House is owned and operated by Indiana University as an historic house museum recreating the Wylie home prior to 1860.  This is the project home for Wylie House-related sub-projects such as those found in Archives Online and ICO. 

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