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  • VWWP Full Text Display Styling Cheat Sheet
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When examples are referenced, consult the VWWP Encoding Log page for access to the XML via Xubmit or the PDF via the wiki page.


(tick): Needs to be implemented before cloning for Brevier
(warning): Needs a decision before implementation; sometimes it's just a design decision; sometimes it's encoding. If design, it can be acted on without Michelle or Angela's intervention
(error): Not yet well defined to be implemented by April 2012; status will change before the August 2012 deadline

(tick) Rendition

  • By default, bold AND center all headings: <head> or <docTitle>. (tick)
  • Look for @rend at higher levels like titlePage, div, lg, l but also in p tags. pretty much anywhere, but let's start with these. (tick) This has been applied for these specified tags. There's no way to universally apply an XML conversion so that any element with @rend has an equivalent html tag rendered with "class={@rend}". It has to go element by element as they are matched in the template.
    • For example, <div type="docImprint" rend="center"> (divisions can be centered)
  • We need a new style for borderless tables. Some examples in the markup:
    <table rend="noborder">; <table rend="noborder center"> (tick) Can't locate any files using this yet to test, but added style for noborder class. Applied @rend to <cell> but don't have any sample files for testing.
    • if table is centered, needs to be tighter (wider margins)
    • Cells need to support left, right, center alignment: <cell cols="2" rend="center">
  • q or quote need to display inline unless rend="blockquote" (tick)
    • quotes followed by refs for footnotes are rendering weird, but it could be b/c of the inline quote problem (<quote rend="i">"Angel"</quote><ref rend="super" target="#note_001">1</ref> from VAB7399.xml)
  • Lists
    • type="simple" = no symbols (no bullets or numbers) (tick) This is already in place so if it isn't being applied somewhere I'll need an example file to check and see what is happening.
    • also check for css values for type (see VWWP TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines#rendlist) (tick)
  • Superscript
    • <ref rend="super" target="#note_010">: superscript not rendering. See <pb n="78" xml:id="VAB7399-084"> (tick)
  • Typographical separations; See VAB1836.xml (page 42). (tick)
    • <ab type="typography" rend="center">
  • <title level="m">, level="s" and level="j" should render in italics. Title with no level assigned, should default to
    italics. Title level="a" and "u" should not render in italics. (tick) All of these specs were in place except titles with level="u" were showing with emphasis (<em>), which was removed.

(tick) Rendition Issues Pending Decisions

  • (warning) Display page number in less obstrusive manner. Perhaps follow the Swinburne model where the font is dark gray and slightly smaller. I'd keep the page number right-aligned, but would consider changing both the "page" label and the value to dark gray. Needs experimentation. Made "page" small caps and the font smaller for the entire "page: #" text. Makes it easily ignorable because it looks different from the document text but it's easier to pick out if you need that info. Also, these will be linked at some point to page images.

(tick) Pointers, Targets, Links

  • Titles with @ref need to be turned into links when PURLs are provided. For example:
    <title ref="">Critical Introduction for Going west: or, homes for the homeless : a novel</title> (tick)
    • See VAB1828_intro.xml in Xubmit

(warning) Embedded Letters

  • Embedded letters already have a subtle margin on either side, but they may need a bit more margin all the way or around or left and right. Or maybe they need some more umph. See Swinburne
  • Consider displaying any type of floatingText in the same way? Dunno. We may need to explore this through trial and error.

(warning) Forme Work

  • Need to support the display of <fw> with all possible place values: top, bottom and others. See VAB8044.xml
    • <fw place="top">KNIVES!</fw>
    • TEI has recommended values for place so we should decide which ones to check like top, bottom, margin ... for starters. We can add others as they are encountered.
    • should be centered, smaller font and italics ....


(tick) Notes printed as part of the text

Notes that are untyped (assumed to be authorial) or of type publisher or editor need to be rendered like the IMH

  • notes, use place value for display (display like IMH) (tick) Needs to be tested. Notes aren't encoded in VWWP like they are in IMH so rendering them the same wasn't that clean. I'm guessing there are a lot of exceptions for which the xslt is not accounting yet.

(error) Annotations provided by students

_We are planning to use @subtype to designate these, but these notes are not yet part of the markup of the new texts so we will need to table this display work for later. We should though discuss how we should display this and look to Swinburne for some ideas.

(warning) Notes that Span Pages

  • see VAB8047, p. 61-62; see VAB7401, p. 207-208 (note id: note_002)
    • use two page breaks with one containing @sameas (is the current practice); need to update the encoding
    • (tick) render all the note in one page with editorial note that explains the note spans page 61-62.
      • Using <add type="editorial" resp="#mdalmau" rend="i"> to convey page break for now. 
    • or as pop-up (but not if we display student annotations as a pop-up)

(tick) Weird Display Issues with Poetry with Line Numbers

  • See Preview for VAB1836.xml. I have no idea what's causing this ... (tick) Missing <xsl:apply-templates/> after printing out line numbers so nothing else was being output except for line numbers.
    • Once text shows we need to decide how to style the line numbers (like Swinburne probably) (tick)


  • (error) Some <bibl>'s have type="editorial" to convey student supplied content. For example, <bibl type="editorial"> (see VAB1828.xml). This information should be displayed perhaps in the same way the student annotations are displayed.

(error) VWWP Timeline

  • label is forcing a line break, which is bad
  • table needs better formatting; column headings need bold, etc.
  • No labels