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  • VWWP Meeting Agenda and Notes, June 1, 2010
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  • Scanning
    • General Update (Annette)
  • Encoding
    • General Update (Michelle)
    • Vocabulary Tool for Genres and Subject Headings
      • Status Update for spreadsheet (Angela)
    • TEI Header outstanding issues
    • Adding genres (header)
    • Addressing titles so that they sort properly (header)
    • Workflow overview and encoding guidelines update (Michelle)
      • VWWP Encoding Log needs genre added: task for Angela and crew
      • Angela and Michelle need to "watch" certain wiki pages
  • English Class Logistics
  • Web Site Design and Development
    • General Updates (Randall/Julie)
    • Facets: Author?
    • Add genre
    • Full text display (pending issues for IA apply to VWWP)
      • Preview for new books
  • Web site Content
    • Project Info
      • Conditions of Use and Copyright
      • Project Partners
      • Papers and Presentations
      • Encoding Overview
      • Metadata Overview
      • Technical Implementation Overview
      • We still need:
        • Convene/add editorial board
        • Editorial Policies
    • Reference (suppress, but should explore the purpose of these materials)
  • Testing and Production Timeline

Meeting Notes

  • Annette will make sure encoding log is up to date
  • Pending encoding issues (multiple titles => make into one title; Michelle will fix it encoding)
  • Ask Angela for a copy of what she has so far on genre spreadsheet
  • Tools for preview ... metadata quality control utilities that can handle it
    • Schematron should check for space between the tag and content
  • Showing author facet can give a glimpse of the collection
  • Turn off old site and turn on new site — what does that mean? Redirects ...
    pre-generated HTML pages
    • Page to page with patterns, everything else to home page
  • Should have PURLs for XML files (Mike Durbin)
  • Jira punch list is accurate
    • Randall and Julie need to get together to go over some of the pending issues
  • early July testing
  • mid-August launch
  • images for women writers, swap out ... need to ask Angela
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