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QC Checklist

  • Use the documentation below to help you review files; this documentation should grow as files are checked.
  • Once review is complete for a file, indicate this in Xubmit's log message as: "Review Complete."
  • Make sure these files indicate in their respective headers that they do not have corresponding page images


Universal Tips

  • Make sure all content aside from content that appears within a title page is contained in <div> tags
  • All <div> tags should contain a heading <head> that can be of type="supplied" to facilitate document-centric navigation
    • For example, front matter may contain acknowledgments, but may the source text may not include a title:
      • <div type="acknowledgment"><head type="supplied">Acknowledgment</head></div>


Bios and Critical Introductions

  • Need to check; proof and markup
  • After markup, they should be checked again for encoding QC
  • 1:1 match between critical intros and source text
  • 1:Many match between bio and source texts
  • Bios and Intros are born digital and therefore NEED the "no page images" processing instructions

Updating Header of VWWP Text to point to Bios & Critical Intros

Editors need to add references to the VWWP texts for the related critical introductions as follows:

  • Below the <seriesStmt>, add a <notesStmt>:
 <!--Reference to critical introductions and bio for this text; added by VWWP editors
Insert the PURL for the intros and bios; + VABnnnn_intro.xml
or -->
                <note type="relatedItem" subtype="critical_intro">
                        <!--Make sure the ref value points to critical intro PURL-->
                        <title ref="">$Title of introduction</title>
                        <author>$Name of intro author</author>
                        <pubPlace>$Indiana University</pubPlace>

                <note type="relatedItem" subtype="bio">
                        <!--Make sure the ref value points to bio PURL-->
                        <title ref="kemble.xml">$Bio title; usually name of VWWP Author</title>
                        <author>$Name of bio compiler</author>
                        <pubPlace>$Indiana University</pubPlace>

Be sure to update the following:

  • title of the critical introduction with a ref value pointing to the file (e.g., file name)
  • title of bio, usually the VWWP author name, with a ref value pointing to the file (e.g., file name)
  • author of the bios and critical introduction as name is displayed on Oncourse or as provided by external partners

QC of Bios and Critical Introductions

Once the essays have been encoded, the editors of the VWWP project should:

  1. Preview the essay, proofread and review the markup; make corrections as required based on the VWWP Critical Introductions and Bios Encoding Guidelines
  2. Mine the content to update the VWWP Timeline (encoding guidelines for the Timeline are still pending).


  • To be documented

Literary Texts

  • Texts neen to be proofread and checked against page images: consult TEI preview, PDF for page image and source markup
  • Markup needs to be reviewed

TEI Header

Filing Title

Add if needed:

<!--For example:-->
           <title>A Room With a View</title>
           <title type="filing">Room With a View</title>


Author Names

  • Remove the end period from <author> so browse list generates correctly


If you enounter a pseudonym whether or not it is reflected in the bibliographic information already provided in the Header, update the Header as follows:

<!--In the fileDesc:-->
<author>Dixon, Ella Hepworth (1855-1932)</author>
<author><name type="pseudonym">Wynman, Margaret</name></author>
<!--In the sourceDesc:-->
<author>Dixon, Ella Hepworth</author>
<author><name type="pseudonym">Wynman, Margaret</name></author>

Publication Date Normalization

The publication date needs to be normalized to facilitate searching. The date is located:

Most dates are composed of a 4 digit year, but there are a few cases when the year is not exactly known (e.g., 190?). Often times, publication dates are supplied (in brackets). The date values should remain as-is (e.g., 1902), but should be normalized according to the attributes stated below.

Please review the date element and use any one of the following attributes depending on the recorded date for normalization:

<!--When date is known or supplied-->
<date when="1877">1877</date>

<!--When decade is known-->
<date from="1870" to="1879">187?</date>

<!--When date is unknown-->
<date type="unknown">n.d.</date>

If you encounter other cases, consult with Michelle.


Processing Instructions for Page Images

Texts or contextual materials that do not have corresponding page images, need to have the following processing instructions in the editorialDecl in the TEI Header (see final paragraph):

<editorialDecl n="4">

                <p>This electronic text file was created by Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The
                    text file has been corrected and encoded in TEI P5 following the recommendations
                    for Level 4 encoding of the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries. </p>
                <p>The bibliographic metadata located in the sourceDesc is based on the source MARC
                    record for the monograph.</p>
                <p>Subject headings are applied from three sources: LCSH copied from the library's
                    MARC records for the print volumes; genre terms from the Modern Language
                    Association Thesaurus, and topical terms from the Victorian Studies Bibliography
                    Project. Only a subset of terms from the Modern Language Association Thesaurus
                    are used in this project.</p>

                <!--Processing instructions that indicate the legacy texts DO NOT have
                    page images or born-digital documents do not have page images; 
                    These instructions are NOT applicable to new encodings of texts, but ARE usually
                    applicable to contextual materials like intros, bios, etc..-->
                    <note n="false" xml:id="noPageImages">Page images not available.</note>


Other Checks

(warning) Remove any example encoding, usually prefaced by "$" from the TEI

  • genre terms
  • subject terms
  • Prosopography
    • relation is incorrectly modeled as we learned in Maryland; the Encoding Guidelines now reflect proper usage so we need to correct based on the Guidelines.

TEI Text

  • Consult the VWWP TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines to conduct a complete review of the Text (below are tips only)
  • Check for quotes. Blockquotes should have a rend value of "blockquote."
  • Check that page numbers are entered according to the Guidelines


  • Bibl with type='editorial' that would need to change to the resp value for the student annotations which is "scholarly" (see Guidelines)



Names referenced by xml:id in <persName> and other similar tags should use @ref instead of @corresp. The VWWP TEI P5 Encoding Guidelines have been updated to reflect this practice for future encoding, but we will need to check this for past encoding.

Final Check

Once the shematron for the VWWP_Ongoing is updated, the editors will need to run that against the TEI. This will be something the encoders will do as well, but the current schematron in place is out of synch.

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