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Tasks for Production Launch, 8/22/2010

List of tasks that need to be completed for the production launch of legacy content targeted for 8/22/2010.

Genres (due 7/2/2010)

  • (tick) Terms (at least) need to be finalized (Angela) by 7/2/2010
  • (tick) Finalize genre/subject terms and description by 7/16/2010 (Anegla)
  • Add high-level "genres" to encoding log by 8/16/2010 (Angela/Student)
  • Update all legacy files with genre terminology (Liz/Michelle) postponed for now

TEI Encoding Updates for Legacy Files (due 9/6/2010)

Web site Static Content (due 8/27/2010)

Tasks for Ongoing Encoding

List of tasks that need to be completed in support of ongoing encoding.

Encoding Guidelines and Schema (due 8/6/2010)

  • Encoding Guidelines majorly overhauled; Needs review and double-checking against current "test" encoding (Angela/Emily/Nicholae)
    • Review pending encoding strategies as indicated at the top of each of the major sections (e.g., main guidelines, verse, prose, etc.) (Angela)
  • Monitor encoding problems reported by placing a "watch" on VWWP Encoding Problems page (Angela)
    • Angela as sole monitor while Michelle is away (July 5-July 17)
  • Generate new schema (Michelle)
  • Review/update schematron accordingly (Michelle)
    • Test with legacy content and new files
  • Make sure books are properly assigned to the encoders in the VWWP Encoding Log (Michelle)
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