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Total Media Files

Av Size

To do


Additional Processing

Content Model


IN Authors

46,902 pages

3.5 mb



Derivatives, encoding

encyclopedia text, books paged w/ text

  1.  Books scanned by vendor and in-house;
  2. TEI creation for books outsourced and in-house; total of ~199 books;
  3. Encyclopedia TEI complete (outsourced; QC and corrections, in-house
  4. tech services project; 19 new books selected. Scanned, OCR'd and ready for encoding
  5. xubmit setup for all TEI, old and new (TEI ingest pending encoding and scanning of new books completion)
  6. all images (books) ingested;
  7. medium priority project
  8. Second batch of books for scanning recieved 5/29/09

Indiana Magazine of History

Average X /year


2008 volume


MODS, DC and METS for METS Nav (from TEI Header and TEI)

Journal Content Model, paged images, TEI, and PDF

2008 data to be released 2/7/2010

Victorian Women Writers Project: Women Writing Humor

Approximately 4,500 - 5,500 page images


36 books digitized and OCR


Derivatives, OCR, TEI, METS

upgrade the integration of XTF and XMIT.

Fall 2008 #8 project - A project to enhance the VWWP site by adding more content with the help of the students of the Victorian Studies Department and the DLP. Need to upgrade from pre-DLXS to XTF; need to integrate METS Nav with XTF instance if page images are added (current VWWP does not have page images).
15 books selected so far for scanning and OCR (left with Kara on 5/29/2009). Second batch of 13 books completed scanning. The encoding guidelines for the new books nearly complete. All 192 legacy TEI files mapped to P5. Legacy files need VAA#. Need to setup/ingest into Xubmit repository after VAA# assigned.

IN Harmony

130,000 pieces of sheet music




METS, Derivative files, PDFs

page turned objects

Ongoing production digitizing of x per month

Board of Trustees

Bloomington Faculty Council

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