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As we talk about our project and what needs to be considered/done, I am taking more notice of the many presentations that go on in the library that could help me better understand where we are headed.  Last week I attended two:


Julie Hardesty’s session:  Shareable metadata.

Mets, mods, perl location, Dublin core metadata, ead, Fedora, json, github!  I was mostly lost, but it was still an interesting conversation that gave me insight to how much work and creative thinking is going on.


And I walked over to Woodburn Hall to hear Nick Wylant’s presentation (for graduate students) that talked about best practices for collecting and storing data.  Some of the topics he covered:  privacy; open source options for storing your research and literature reviews (MindMeister, Zotero, Google Drive); IU ScholarWorks; IU’s Digitization Master Plan and why you would want to digitize your work.  It was interesting and I think we might be helping new students with some of these basics when the Scholars’ Commons opens.


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