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Categorizing the List

Based on buzz during lab time and presentation of select projects, certain "features" seemed favored, praised, or just plain ol' cool. Crowdsourcing, Historical Narrative (Lots of Contextual Information), Robust Metadata, etc. For now, let's use this page to build an annotated list of projects we feel could serve as models for our own project moving forward. Because we may not find ONE project that fulfills all of our requirements, be sure to highlight the super awesome aspects of a project. Later we can categorize the list so we can more easily hone in on those aspects.

  •  Alabama Maps, University of Alabama's Cartographic Research Laboratory
    • Well organized and easy to use
  • DIY History, University of Iowa Libraries
    • Great example of crowdsourcing the transcription and description of historical documents
  • NYPL What’s on the Menu?  

    • Crowdsource transciption and metadata

    • Map the menu too!

  • Grateful Dead Online, University of California, Santa Cruz

    • Art, photos, concert recordings, interviews, band documents

    • Also features user-contributed content: recordings and fan art

    • Geospatial component to track their concert locations, links go to SOLR-faceted results related to recordings, photographs, t-shirts, and ephemera related to each venue

    • Timeline tracks concerts, album releases, and other notable events in the band's history

    • Online exhibits (Europe '72 and The Posters of the Grateful Dead Archive) feature narrative content coupled with curated photographs, artwork, and band documents

  • Building for a Long Future, University of Chicago

    • Lots of scholarly content

  • War of 1812, IU Libraries 

    • Digital exihibit counterpart to a physical exhibit

    • Narrative::  Stories: Before the Wat, After the War, etc  

    • Maps

    • Timeline

    • Tag cloud browsing

    • Mobile-friendly
  • Railroads and the Making of Modern America
    • For a research-based collection, may be beyond what we need unless we couch more in "history of libraries" or "history of IU" context
    • "Views" tab brings together a textual analysis, interactive graphs, charts, graphs, etc.
    • "Views" tab also organizes information by research question, bringing in items from multiple sources
    • "Data" tab brings in associated data files, with downloads and visualizations
  • What's on the menu?
    • Crowdsourced
    • Maps
    • Search engine
    • Browse by name of dish; simply alphabetical
    • Has a corresponding Blog for news, histories, and culinary findings
    • Gives digital scan of menu with corresponding guide which when clicked shows you in the menu where the dish is
    • Incorporates a timeline so that you can see when a dish first appeared and when it phased out
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