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Crowdsourcing Plugins for Omeka

Omeka Projects Featuring Crowdsourcing Functionality

  • DIY History, University of Iowa Libraries (Scripto w/customizations available on GitHub)
  • Martha Berry Digital Archive (Crowd-Ed): The Martha Berry Digital Archive (MBDA) Project initiated in fall 2010 with the aim of digitizing and exposing for public and scholarly use the complete set of documents housed within the Martha Berry Collection at the Berry College Archives.
  • Our Marathon (Contribution): Our Marathon is a crowd-sourced, digital archive of pictures, videos, stories, and social media related to the Boston Marathon bombing.
  • Voices of the Jazz Era (Contribution): Grassroots, web-based oral history project devoted to the preserving of memory of dance in the jazz era as told through everyday people.
  • Bracero History Archive (Contribution)The Bracero History Archive collects and makes available the oral histories and artifacts pertaining to the Bracero program, a guest worker initiative that spanned the years 1942-1964. Millions of Mexican agricultural workers crossed the border under the program to work in more than half of the states in America.

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