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  • Final stage of processing the collection
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In E174

  1. Label ALL file folders; Reference the organizational structure
    1. Label should contain short-hand name of collection, folder name and box/folder number as indicated in the organizational structure: Malcomb Collection, [Name of Folder], [Box.Folder Number]
      1. For example: Malcomb Collection,  Procedural binder, 1973-1987, 1.1
    2. Re-folder if folder is in bad shape (use your judgement) or you need to update the label 
    3. Interleave acid-free paper between:
      1. newsprint / articles (only if number of articles is manageable)
      2. print photos

In IC 1

    1. Update your spreadsheets by adding the box/folder number in the new box/folder column; Reference the inventory folder on Google Drive
    2. All spreadsheets need to be completed by 3/11
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