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  • Meeting with Dina, Processing Consultation, November 21, 2013
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Meeting Notes

  • Talk to Brad about the best way to re-house slides
    • Sheets: talk to Brad for recommendations
  • Doug Sanders to make boxes for the objects
  • Get Acid-free boxes from IU Archives
  • Put stuff in series ... is there an arrangement?
  • Survey what you have ... and then arrange a series ...
  • Folder-level finding aid though we could make some exceptions for item-level description
  • Objects at the item-level; can be selective on what we think should be item-level digitized
  • Criteria for selection process
  • Not just think of format; MIA box from SLIS (History of the Library School)
  • History of IU Libraries slide carousel are in order; the order has a meaning 
  • Digitization and Cataloging as simple as possible; and bring it thematically together in Omeka ...
  • Old IU Library Newsletter is very important; IUL News; 
  • Procedural and policy manuals .... When did we become a library faculty (Lois, founder of library faculty)
  • Robert Miller files and Cecil Byrd files in the Archives, not yet processed
  • Annual Reports 
  • ARL Stats and other reports (40s and 50s)
    • Stat compilation 
  • Creating a timeline, lit review/bibliography, etc.
  • Dina will share a template for helping us organize the materials also help us with selection .... appraisal ... confidential material ... 
  • Round 1: Look at materials as a whole ... whole group talking about themes ... 
  • Have Lou tour Franklin Hall; dungeon .... film it ... Ask Frank
  • Tour Maxwell House ... document ... 
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