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  • Organization and Selection
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  • Guidelines for Processing a Collection: Word Doc | PDF | Google Doc

Project Inventory Template

Sample Inventory Templates

*Below are examples of different digitization inventories based on material type. These are just starting points and variable dependent upon each collection/series/material/etc.


  • Guidelines for Selection
    • De-Duplication of Contents
      • Check for duplication of photos in which the originals are part of other repositories like IU Archives
      • If IU Archives holds the original, but it hasn't been scanned, WHAT SHOULD WE DO?


  • Who is creator and what is this collection exactly?
    • Lou Malcomb Collection or Lou Malcomb Collection of Indiana University Library History?
  • Finalize series
    • Identify rough categories first and then refine as you go on
    • Examine by format but arrange by intellectual unit
  • Do we represent the collection at the folder or item level?
    • Finding Aid represents everything (thinks in ICO, in the catalog like the dissertation, etc,)
      • Merge "finding aids" so we need to be consistent?
      • We will do both
        • Inventory at item-level
          • Do we need to capture original order?  If so, we need to add a column ... 
        • EAD encoding at the folder-level (more robust description and constant file-naming; can always go item-level w/o back-tracking)
  • How to handle photos?
    • Item-level in photocat
    • We could folder level for the Finding Aid
  • How to handle serials?
    • Maintain the integrity of serials (hierarchical thing) or their positioning in folders (lose the volume/issue access points)
    • Tech constraints in that popup METS Nav does not handle hierarchical navigation
      • Some, maybe all, of these are in IUCAT
    • Solution/Compromise:
      • Combine all newsletters into one folder
  • Where do we put blue prints?
    • Treat as photo or as text items?
    • Oversize materials
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