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Omeka Themes

Themes allow you to customize the look and feel of your public Omeka site. They are a collection of template files and helper function that use data in your Omeka archive and display those data to end users. Themes include files for images (.gif, .jpg, .png), style sheets (.css) and various code files (.php).

Configuring Themes


The appearance menu options contains 3 web forms for quick and easy customizations for public themes.

  • Themes
    • Color
      • Text
      • Background
      • Links
      • Buttons
      • Button text
      • Site title
    • Header/Footer
      • Logo image (no more than 150 pixels high)
      • Header background image
      • Footer text
      • Copyright
    • Homepage
      • Display featured item
      • Display featured collection
      • Display featured exhibit
      • Homepage text
  • Navigation
    • Add links to the side-menu
  • Settings
    • Set image sizes
    • Number of results

Default Themes

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Other Themes 

Themes Tutorials and Documentation

Which Theme Do We Choose?

  • How do we provide access to the digital archive (all the content) with exhibits (curated content)?
  • How do we handle content from external sources?  
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