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  • Research Now: Reserving Conference Rooms and Computing Equipment
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Reserving Conference Rooms

The two largest conference rooms conducive for inventorying in W501 are and can be reserved using Outlook like any of our conference rooms:

  • BL-LIBG-W531 LIT/DLP Conference Room (has a computer)
  • BL-LIBG-W517 User Experience Design Lab (no computer)

Borrowing Computing Equipment

  • Make individual requests for loaner laptop or iPad via email to

  • Use the following in the subject line: Research Now Work Session and state your preferred devise. 

The devices can be borrowed for up to a few hours a day, but not necessarily over consecutive days.  Laptops require a wired connection for the initial setup for your profile before you can roam wireless, but LT folks can share the details when the time comes.  They don't have many iPads in circulation (1-2) so keep that in mind.   

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