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Below is a quick sketch of how we see the development of the web site for the History of the IU Libraries Digital Archive shaping up.  From these notes, we will transition into a more formal project plan and project timeline. These notes are inspired by: discussions we have had about our own web site and inspirational web sites, and the user stories collected thus far.  

Other Omeka examples include:


  • Most if not all content (metadata + object) will be stored in our digital repository via existing Libraries' services like Image Collections Online, Books/Serials, etc.
  • We will likely not publish the finding aid via Archives Online since it's an artificial collection.   This is actually good since we can replicate how scholars would manage a collection of stuff not affiliated with an institution.
  • We will use a UITS WebServe account for the development of our digital archive web site.  We may also publish the web site from that same WebServe account.
  • We will use Omeka as our web publishing system and leverage Omeka plugins to help us develop other desired functionality.

Web Site Content

  • Photographs 
  • Documents
  • Books or Long-form pieces (i.e., dissertation, the typed history of the IU Libraries book)
  • Serials
  • Our own contributions
    • Essays
    • Bibliographies
    • Biographies
    • Timelines
    • Accomplishments by Administration
    • Interactive Maps
    • Quiz (to mirror orientation quiz)
    • etc.

Primary Audience

  • New IU Libraries staff hires
  • Scholars interested in the History of Indiana University
  • IUB Libraries faculty and staff
  • Donors
  • Media


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