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Variations Administrator's Guide

Information on setting up, running, and managing Variations.

6.3 Released September, 2012

Upgrading from Variations 6.* to 6.3 is easy with the instructions below.

For more information about the 6.3 release, see Variations Release 6.3.

6.0 Released May 20, 2010

If you're already running an earlier version of Variations, select one of the two choices below to move to 6.0.

  • How to Migrate to Variations 6.0 - New Install - If you want to migrate your content and configuration to a new installation and require users to install a new client for continued access.
  • How to Migrate to Variations 6.0 - In Place - If you want to keep the old server running alongside the new server for awhile, to minimize downtime and allow gradual client upgrades. This option also allows you to keep your old content and relevant configuration.

For more information about the 6.0 release, see Variations Release 6.0.


Installing and Configuring the Variations Server

Installing and Configuring the Variations Client

Installing and Configuring the Digitizer Tools

Integrating with Other Campus Systems

  • Authentication - tying in with campus security systems
  • Authorization - integrating with the Student Information System
  • Library Catalog - importing bibliographic information using the Z39.50 protocol
  • Web Servers - invoking Variations from hyperlinks to Variations data files (e.g., timelines or playlists) in a course management system or from a course web page

Monitoring, Running, and Maintaining the Variations Server

Installing and Running the Variations Web Applications

Currently, two web applications are available: an audio player and an access manager. In addition, there a third web service needed to run either web application.

Support and Resources

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