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Administrator's Guide - Databases



Variations consists of two databases:

  1. Access Manager Database. The access manager database is used for storing information about user groups that is used for authorization, and personal information about users.
  2. Metadata Database. The metadata database is used for storing data about the digitized material associated with the Variations installation. Note that the digitized material is stored in files, and not in the database.

The access manager and metadata databases are stored in MySQL on the Variations server.

Access Manager Database

This database stores some user information, such as users' names and Variations bookmarks, but it is primarily used for authorization. It contains information about authorization groups (courses and other groups, such as digitizers and catalogers).


This database will need to be set up by the Variations administrator. See Variations Server Setup for more information.

Metadata Database


Phase 1. For phase 1, a file with contributor and work data (that is site-independent) will be provided for loading into the metadata database. See Variations Server Setup for more information.

Production and Cataloging Schemas

Variations is set up so that there are two related schemas for metadata:

  1. Cataloging Schema. The cataloging schema, is the one that catalogers and digitizers work with and update.
  2. Production Schema. The production schema is the one used by end-users (i.e., students and faculty).

A nightly copy is done to propagate any changes made to the cataloging schema to the production schema. The production schema is not intended to be updated directly by users.

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