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Administrator's Guide - Mime Types



Variations user tools can create XML-based data files that can be shared between users. Sometimes, faculty or students may want to put these files into a course management system (CMS, e.g., Blackboard), either as part of submitting an assignment or sharing their work. Links to these files in a web browser will only be acted on properly if the web server hosting the CMS or web pages is configured to understand Variations mime types.

Variations Data Files

Variations users can create the following XML-based data file types unique to Variations:

  • bookmark files (.v2b)
  • playlist files (.v2p)
  • timeline files (.v2t)
  • score annotation files (.v2a)
  • lesson files (.v2l) ("el", not the numeral "1"--lesson files are not currently supported for use at test sites)

Variations bookmark use also creates .v2x files, but users do not generally use or share these files knowingly.

Web Server Mime Type Configuration

The following two mime types should be set for any web server that will host web pages or a CMS providing links to these file types.

file extension: .v2t
mime type: application/x-variations2-timeline

file extensions: .v2a, .v2p, .v2x, v2l
mime type: application/x-variations2

Again, note that the last character of the last file extension above is the letter ell, not the numeral one.

For Red Hat Enterprise Linux, add the following lines to /etc/mime.types:

application/x-variations2       v2a v2l v2p v2x   
application/x-variations2-timeline      v2t
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