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Client Installation Overview

How to configure and install the Client for connection with the Variations Server. For more information on client connection considerations see the Client Server Coordination page.


Hardware and Software Requirements


  • Pentium II 500MHz or higher
  • 256MB RAM (512 preferred)
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Quicktime 6.0 or higher, with "QuickTime for Java" installed (Note: as of February 2014, QuickTime for Java is no longer installed by default on Windows. You have to either do a custom installation or pick uninstall, then modify, adding it in as one of the "legacy Quicktime features".)
  • Internet connection of at least 45 Kbps

Mac OS

  • Intel or PowerPC G3 500MHz or higher
  • 256MB RAM (512 preferred)
  • Mac OSX 10.4 or higher
  • Java 1.5
  • Internet connection of at least 45 Kbps


  • Install Quicktime
    • Windows - Download and install the Quicktime standalone player from Note that if the current version of Quicktime is already installed or if you install Quicktime as part of installing the most recent iTunes, that will work as well.
    • Mac OS - Upgrade to the most recent Quicktime release.

Client Configuration

Follow the client configuration instructions to configure the Variations client for use.

Building the Client Installer

Follow the client installer configuration instructions to configure and create the Variations Installer.

Install Variations

  • Windows - Run the installer built in the previous step.
  • Mac OS - Mount the dmg file configured in the previous step and copy the Variations application to the /Applications directory. Optionally, drag and drop the Variations application from the /Applications directory onto the Dockfor easy access.

For more information about setting up Variations, see the IU Variations user guide: (for Windows) and (for Mac)

Next Steps

After Installing the Variations client try running the client. For information on running and troubleshooting the client go to Running the Client - 6.0.

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