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  • How to Migrate Variations Server to a New Machine

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How to Migrate Variations to a New Machine

This page explains how to migrate Variations server to a new machine.

If you have any questions about or problems with the migration process, please email the Variations support list,, or if necessary contact Chris Colvard directly (812-856-0026,

Important things to note about this migration:

  • This migration documentation assumes Variations 6.0 or higher.
  • This migration assumes that the hostnames and IPs used by the Variations server are the same used by the new machine.
  • Backup the system according to your institution's practices before attempting the migration.

Migration Preparation

As dmlserv, from /home/dmlserv, do the following:

  1. Create archive of the Variations filesystem: tar cvzf variations-backup.tar.gz log/ Variations-6*/
  2. Create archive of the Variations content: tar cvzf content-backup.tar.gz content/
  3. MySQL Databases
    • Run mysqldump --create-options -r dmllib-dump.sql --databases <LIBRARY_NAME>_DMLLIB
    • Run mysqldump --create-options -r metadata-dump.sql --databases <LIBRARY_NAME>_METADATA

If you have Variations-Web installed, then do the following as the tomcat user:

  1. Create archive of Variations-Web: tar cvzf variations-web-backup.tar.gz conf/variations* logs/variations* webapps/variations*.war

Moving to New Machine

First, setup the new machine based on instructions

Then do the following as dmlserv except where noted:

  1. Copy files from old system to /home/dmlserv
  2. Unzip backup tar: tar xvzf variations-backup.tar.gz
  3. Unzip content tar: tar xvzf content-backup.tar.gz
  4. Load databases (as root):
    • mysql < /home/dmlserv/variations-dump.sql
    • mysql < /home/dmlserv/dmllib-dump.sql
  5. Create a user account dmlserv and grant permissions to dmlserv (as root): mysql
    • grant all on library_name_DMLLIB.* to 'dmlserv'@'localhost';
    • grant all on library_name_METADATA.* to 'dmlserv'@'localhost';
    • Set the password for dmlserv to correspond to the value used in any configuration files:
      set password for 'dmlserv'@'localhost' = password('your-password');
  6. Create a file in the dmlserv home directory named .my.cnf that contains the following:


    The password for the MySQL user dmlserv

  7. Set permissions on the file to make sure that no one else can read the file:
    chmod 600 /home/dmlserv/.my.cnf
  8. Change directories to the latest Variations installation: cd Variations-6.2/
  9. Start Variations: bin/
  10. Check that everything is running: bin/ . You should see output listing EXAMPLE under Databases currently running
  11. Install crontab: crontab bin/crontab

    Make sure to merge any added entries to your crontab before replacing it.

Migrating Variations-Web

Prepare the system using these instructions.

Next do the following as the tomcat user:

  1. Copy Variations-Web archive from old system to /usr/local/tomcat
  2. Extract the contents: tar xvzf variations-web-backup.tar.gz
  3. Restart tomcat and check to see that the webapps are running properly:

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