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  • Known Problems - 5.0.1

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Known Problems - 5.0.1 cron job throws errors

Incorrect graphs are be generated and email is being sent to dmlserv containing errors like the following:

Use of uninitialized value in integer multiplication (*) at /home/dmlserv/bin/ line 213, <INPUT> line 78.
Use of uninitialized value in integer addition (+) at /home/dmlserv/bin/ line 213, <INPUT> line 78.

The following fix is included in 5.0.2:
Install DateTime from CPAN: cpan -i DateTime
Add DateTime to the imports at the top of ~/bin/ use DateTime;
Edit lines 199-213 of ~/bin/ from:

    my $currentDate = scalar localtime(time());
    my @currentDateParts = split(/ /, $currentDate);
    my $currentday = $currentDateParts[$#currentDateParts-2];
    if(length($currentday) eq 1)
        $currentday = "0$currentday";
    my $currentYear = substr($currentDateParts[$#currentDateParts],0,4);
    my $currentdate = "$currentYear-$months{$currentDateParts[1]}-$currentday";
    my $isCurrentDate = ($currentdate eq $date);
    my @currentTimes = split (/:/,$currentDateParts[4]);
    my $currentHour = $currentTimes[0];
    my $currentMinute = $currentTimes[1];
    my $currentSecond = $currentTimes[2];
    my $currentTime = ($currentSecond+($currentMinute*60)+($currentHour*3600));


    my $currentTimeObject = DateTime->now;
    my $currentday = $currentTimeObject->day;
    if(length($currentday) eq 1)
        $currentday = "0$currentday";
    my $currentMonth = $currentTimeObject->month;
    if(length($currentMonth) eq 1)   
        $currentMonth = "0$currentMonth";

    my $currentYear = $currentTimeObject->year;
    my $currentdate = "$currentYear-$currentMonth-$currentday";
    my $isCurrentDate = ($currentdate eq $date);
    my $currentHour = $currentTimeObject->hour;
    my $currentMinute = $currentTimeObject->minute;
    my $currentSecond = $currentTimeObject->second;
    my $currentTime = ($currentSecond+($currentMinute*60)+($currentHour*3600));

Variations-diagnostic tool does not find streaming resource

The diagnostic tool which was included in the Variations Windows client 5.0 and 5.0.1 is a carry over from IU tools and is no longer supported. This tool has been removed in the 5.0.2 release.

Previous Known Problems

  • Known Problems - 5.0 - These have all been dealt with in the Variations 5.0.1 release and are only linked here for reference.
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