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  • Known Problems - 5.0.3

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Known Problems - 5.0.3

Error validating dmlserver.xml after 5.0.3 upgrade

The upgrade to 5.0.3 replaces dmlserver.dtd making a 5.0.2-valid dmlserver.xml file no longer valid. To make your dmlserver.xml, delete the Logging tags and its contents from both <library_name>_CATALOGING and <library_name>_PRODUCTION. This information is not used by Variations so it is safe to delete.

FreeDB fails to find matches in Import Tracks Window

The FreeDB Import Tracks plugin tries to connect to freedb's CDDB server on an unofficial port. This correctly connected to the server in the past, but ceased to work recently. A new jar that fixes this problem can be downloaded here. To fix this problem, replace Client/lib/metadata_external/cddb-client.jar on your Windows digitizer client installations.

Temporary audio files in /home/dmlserv/content/loader/audio/temp/ are not removed after successful ingest

Temporary audio files in /home/dmlserv/content/loader/audio/temp/ are not removed after successful ingest. All files in /home/dmlserv/content/loader/audio/temp/ that are not currently being operated on are safe to delete. The only workaround at the moment is to manually delete these files.

Playlist menu separators on File and Bookmarks menus don't share playlist background color on Windows.

This is due to a bug in the JRE that is included in the Variations client. There is no current plan to provide a workaround.
See the entry in Java Bug Database for more information:

Quicktime 7.2 causes the Variations client not to start on PowerPC Mac

This is the result of a bad update process for Quicktime 7.2. This can be fixed by downloading the Quicktime 7.2 update from Apple's website ( and rerunning the update.

There is no access page for the supplied Mahler Symphony (AGZ3068)

This problem can be fixed by executing the following from /home/dmlserv/ where <library_name> is replaced with the abbreviation of your institution or library:

 bin/ <library_name>_CATALOGING <library_name>/Container/376908 content/access/

User Guide and other other web page links within Variations do not launch under Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)

On Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) when the Variations application tries to launch a web page, either as a result of a link or menu item, the page will only display if the default web browser is already running. Therefore, the workaround to this problem is to make sure the default browser is running when using Variations.

On Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) help menu search returns results unrelated to Variations

Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) has a search embedded in the help menu of every application. This search returns links to menu items within Variations and links to non-Variations help documentation. Currently, Variations does not make use of the Mac OSX help documentation features. This results in Apple's default functionality which is to return any help documentation results in the help menu search. There is no workaround.

Apple Key-Space keystroke does not pause Variations player on Mac OSX

On Mac OSX, Apple Key-Space causes Mac Spotlight search to open and does not cause the Variations player to pause playback. does not work on the Variations server

Running bin/ from dmlserv's home directory as dmlserv will fail due to missing configuration in conf/client/dml.conf. To fix this, copy the following name/value pairs from conf/server/dmlserver.xml:

<SystemProperty name="dml.z3950.Container.enabled">true</SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name=""></SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name="dml.z3950.Container.port">2200</SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name="dml.z3950.Container.database">Unicorn</SystemProperty>
<SystemProperty name="">any</SystemProperty>

conf/client/dml.conf should then look like the following regarding these properties:


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