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Monitoring Variations


Access Pages

Once a Recording has been cataloged, an XML file for the recording will be generated in content/access/audio/. It will be named based on the recording id (See Administrator's Guide - Filenaming Schemes for more information). Any updates to a recording will cause the XML file to be updated with the new information.

To view an access page, open where is the domain name or IP address of the Apache server running on the Variations machine and recordingid is the recording id mentioned above.

An example access page is shown below:

For more general information on access pages see Administrator's Guide - Catalog Integration#Access Pages.


Statistics are generated on user actions and streaming information. These statistics are available at where is the domain name or IP address of the Apache server running on the Variations machine. This page is protected by the default username and password (dmlstats/stats) which should be changed for security purposes.

For more information about the statistics generated and this webpage see Administrator's Guide - Statistics.

Log Files

Log files are discussed in the System Architecture Overview here.

Watching log files can be useful for gathering statistics not already compiled, watching performance, and discerning source of errors. If an error arises, check the corresponding log file for a stack trace that gives details of an error. If the stack trace does not give enough information to fix the problem, email the Variations Development Team with the symptoms and the full stack trace.

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