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Variations Web Overview



Variations Web is the extension of the Variations server and client to the browser. Currently there are three components: Web Services, User Interface, Access Manager. The Web Services component is required for either of the other components to operate. However, the User Interface and Access Manager are independent components, neither requiring the other.

Web Services

The Variations Web Services provides a REST interface to the Variations server. The other components of Variations Web utilize the web services to pull information out of the Variations server.

User Interface

The Variations User Interface (web player) is a browser-based audio player with transient and persistent bookmarking. For a demo of the web player, visit the Try Out Variations page and click on one of the "listening in a browser" links.

There are two options for web player deployment.

  1. Web Player Only. Deploying only the web UI lessens the support load of having to distribute and support the client application. However, the client application is much more capable, providing playlists, the timeline tool, score viewing, and score annotation. The web UI currently provides only the audio player capability.
  2. Client Plus Web Player. If you choose to support the Variations client application in addition to the web player, you can provide a link to the web player at the top of each Variations access page for web player access. The normal track links on the access pages can invoke the client (if it is installed) while the web player link provides an alternative for those without the client installed or who simply prefer the web client.

Access Manager

The Variations Access Manager provides a browser-based interface for managing the Variations access group and reserve list database. This component is useful when you want someone other than a system administrator to manage groups and reserve lists. It duplicates the functionality of the script but can be used remotely by users who are more comfortable with an interactive interface or who do not have access to the dmlserv account on the Variations server. Thus library personnel can use the access manager to give users permission or add content to a reserve list. Course instructors can use the access manager to add additional roster members (such as a teaching assistant).


See Installing and Configuring the Variations Webapps - 6.0. For setting up Variations Web to work with Variations Server 5.0.7 see Installing and Configuring the Variations Webapps - 5.0.7.

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