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Variations3 Release 5.0.1

This page lists the changes from 5.0 to 5.0.1 for both the Variations server and client.





Changed from 5.0 to 5.0.1


Changed Copyright date to include 2007


Removed references to Variations2 in scripts


Fixed incorrect path for


Changed to include automatic configuration of server's client files listed in previous line


Fixed bug that caused incorrect graphs to be generated and email to be sent to dmlserv

~/conf/client/dml.conf, ~/conf/client/client_console.lcf, ~/conf/client/client_file.lcf

Changed to be correct distributable versions in server tar

~/conf/server/dmlserver.dtd (and ~/public_html/dmlserver.dtd by symbolic link)

Added ScoreProcessing tag to dmlserver.dtd to ensure dmlserver.xml validates properly


Added CREATE_METADATA, LOCK_METADATA, and DELETE_METADATA to default privileges given to Catalogers and Digitizers; Changed to in ScriptRule for automatic configuration from


Removed AudioProcessing and ScoreProcessing tags from default production library configuration since this kind of processing should not be done on the production server; Changed system properties dml.viewer.cataloglink.* to dml.client.cataloglink.* for View Details/Catalog Link changes throughout client; Set djvuProcessing to false for cataloging library by default since this is the expected normal operation (true would mean encoding tiffs to djvu files on the server); Added example IU system properties for Z39.50 lookup of MARC records for additional metadata during Access page generation

~/content/audio-objects/145585, ~/content/audio-objects/145586, metadata.tar.gz

Added a IU Jacob's School of Music performance for testing and seeding of collection

~/conf/server/versions/EXAMPLE_PRODUCTION.versions, ~/conf/server/versions/EXAMPLE_CATALOGING.versions

Added 5.0.* to list of clients that are allowed to connect


Changed from TRUNK to 5.0.1 and modified date to include 2007

~/lib/, ~/lib/jai_codec.jar, ~/lib/jai_core.jar, ~/lib/jhotdraw.jar, ~/lib/ui.jar

Removed jars that are not needed by the server


Added since it was missing in 5.0


Fixed path to javascript file


Fixed processing of quoted phrases and boolean queries


Fixed processing of quoted phrases


Added a BTree index to tables in MySql


Fixed problem that would cause queries to fail when two or more are run in parallel for MySql


Removed seperate query for entity constraints for MySql


Reports correct JDBC driver used for User Profile Manager if different than the driver used for the Metadata Database


Added support for wildcarding in the ~/conf/server/version/ files (e.g. adding the line 5.0.* will give the same message/allow access to the client versions 5.0.1, 5.0.2,, ..., but not 5.0)

Relaxed checks on files to be processed in order to allow both uppercase and lowercase filenames since the filenaming scheme is also case insensitive

edu.indiana.dml.ui.annotation.LinePropertiesToolbar,,,, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timeliner.TimelineProperties

Changed sizes of various windows and dialogs to appropriate sizes for Java 1.5 and Windows Vista


Added check to make sure Wav files being added or replaced are not truncated


Fixed regular expression usage to work with Java 1.5

edu.indiana.dml.ui.common.UIUtilities, edu.indiana.dml.ui.lesson.LessonAudioPlayer,,,,, edu.indiana.dml.ui.timliner.TimelinePlayer

Added and updated methods to either display Variations "View Details" windows or open the OPAC in a browser based on the status of the Container record - In Digitization and Import Only statuses will open the OPAC url (system property dml.client.url.catalog) if OPAC linking is enabled (system property dml.client.cataloglink)

Program Files/Variations/Client/readme.rtf

Added versions 5.0 and 5.0.1 to Revision History

Program Files/Variations/Client/djvuencoder.conf

Changed default settings of ImageMagick's convert and DjVuLibre to produce cleaner images

Program Files/Variations/Client/COPYING

Changed Copyright date to include 2007

Program Files/Variations/Client/VERSION

Changed from 5.0 to 5.0.1

Program Files/Variations/Client/data/legal_notices.html

Changed from TRUNK to 5.0.1

Program Files/Variations/Client/data/search/Search-Splash.xsl

Fixed small bug that caused problems in Java 1.5

Program Files/Variations/JRE

Changed bundled JRE to 1.5.0_11 for Windows Vista support

Bumped version number to 5.0.1 and yer to 2007; Change JRE version used to 1.5*

Bumped version number to 5.0.1 and yer to 2007


Edited for Variations 5.0.1 (in CVS now under resources-mac)


Edited for Variations 5.0.1 (in CVS now under resources-mac)

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