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Video Players

Matterhorn Engage Tools
Technical Investigation - Opencast Matterhorn

Matterhorn's Engage Tools (ECL) include a player that can stream RTMP or progessive download. The player has a Flash video display but all of the controls are built using jQuery. The HTML side of player is configurable and extendable via javascript plugins with default plugins including a segment-aware slider and caption support. The player has a strong focus on accessibility and can be embedded. Future version to include playlists, study reels, bookmarks, and annotation suport.

There are many similarities between Matterhorn's player (and future player) and our needs. This could lead to collaboration, but would it also lead to divergent codebases where our missions are different? The other players on this page are for the most part simply players which we should be able to extend for the additional functionality that we want. The potential advantage to this is that the other players have larger communities which should lead to frequent updates that fix bugs and enhance the quality of the player which we would be able to leverage. With Matterhorn, we have more control but not necessarily the community to drive this development. Is this an unfounded fear? Do the other attractive players (OVP, OSMF, and Kaltura) really have communities much larger than Matterhorn's?


OpenVideoPlayer is an open source (BSD) code base on which to build video players for Flash, iOS, Silverlight, and HTML5. There are sample players already built for each of these platforms. The code base has been ported for each of these platforms with the iOS code base focused on a controller to be used in an app instead of a browser-based player. Supports RTMP for Flash (and other streaming for other platforms?). Caption support is available in at least the Flash and Silverlight players. This project is supported by Akamai.

Open Source Media Framework

The OSMF is an open source (MPL) framework that makes it easier to build players for Flash using Actionscript. Supports RTMP streaming. This project is strongly supported by Adobe.

Kaltura's HTML5 Video Player

The Kaltura HTML5 video player is an open source (GPL) javascript library that autodetects whether to use an HTML5 video element, a flash player, VLC, or Java Cortado. The players are built on top of jQuery so it should be easy to extend and change for our use. This project is supported by Kaltura and is a standalone version of mwEmbed which is used by Wikipedia. Does not support streaming or does this only support RTMP streaming in Flash fallback?


JWPlayer is an open source player (GPL) for Flash and HTML5 with an autodetect javascript library like Kaltura's player. There is also a silverlight player. There is an option to purchase a commercial license to remove a watermark.

Flow Player

Flow Player is an open source player (GPL) for Flash with the option to purchase a license to remove a watermark. The newest version supports Wowza's ability to playback in slow motion.

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