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  • User has content to upload to Avalon
  • User wants to perform digital preservation on this content and store in archival storage
  • User would like to use Archivematica workflow to do so
  • Archivematica pipeline might have other purposes besides Avalon workflows
  • User is working with Archivematica 1.9+
  • User is working with Avalon Media System 6.4+
  • Archivematica’s role is to process access intended for long-term digital preservation and create service-independent AIPs for preservation storage.
  • Avalon’s role is to ingest and make available media assets, including the presentation of existing metadata and hierarchical information.

Ingest Workflow Diagram

click for full size

Installation/Setup (Systems administrator work)

Installation of Archivematica for production can be found here:

Installation of Automation-tools can be found here:

Installation of Avalon can be found here:

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